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4est Shades Bamboo Sunglasses Review: Complete Guide 2023

Modern glasses have long become something more than just a means of vision correction or sun protection. It is an element of style that helps create an elegant look. For many years, plastics and metals were the main material for glasses frames. But nowadays, sunglasses manufacturers have learned to use a wide variety of materials for this purpose, including such environmentally friendly options as wood and bamboo. The wooden frame is in no way inferior to its counterparts made of metal or plastic. Real wood sunglasses can favorably highlight your personality both at the beach and at a business event. And today, we offer you the 4est shades bamboo sunglasses review to better understand the benefits of natural-wood sunglasses.

4est shades wood rimless sunglasses

This wooden glasses brand was founded with the aim of creating products that could combine the passion for innovative design and natural materials. Modern technologies make it possible to achieve high-quality products even using inexpensive varieties. And bamboo frames, having an excellent set of natural properties, are becoming more and more relevant.

The longing to find harmony between noble wood and fashion trends resulted in a collection of bamboo frame sunglasses. Looking through the 4est product range, we would like to stop on a handmade model with a natural bamboo frame. Despite its democratic price, these wood sunglasses are fully endowed with all vital optical characteristics to protect the eyes. The manufacturer made bamboo sunglasses polarized, with the anti-reflective lens and UV protection coating. You can choose one of the three colors that will be appropriate for both men and women.

Furthermore, the item comes in elegant packaging. You will receive a 3-piece set – glasses, a smart travel case with a logo, and a microfiber cloth for polishing the lenses.

All the frames are made manually. It means there are no two pieces alike. This uniqueness makes the 4est shades bamboo sunglasses an ideal gift variant for relatives and friends.

Nobody knows when exactly sunglasses were invented. Since ancient times, humankind has used the optical effect of crystal, water, glass and even emerald. Sunglasses with wooden frames have been used since the days of Napoleon. And bamboo frame sunglasses are a good combination of innovations and traditions. 

Pros & Cons of 4est Shades bamboo sunglasses

The bamboo glasses frame has gained much popularity recently. Properly processed bamboo retains its properties and shapes much longer than other materials.

Competitive advantages of 4est wood shades:

  • High level of eye protection. The glasses come equipped with UV 400 polarization and UV protective coating. 
  • The glasses are lightweight and come in two lens sizes. You can choose 51mm or 55mm lens width.
  • The wooden frame is not afraid of raindrops and even the salty spray of the ocean. It will not be damaged if it accidentally falls into the water and can be rinsed if necessary. 
  • The wood frame is designed for long life and is protected from prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight. You will also get a hard travel case with your purchase to extend the glasses service time.
  • Anti-reflective lenses have protection against harmful radiation of monitors and screens. They have a special tint that blocks this radiation – you can wear such glasses for a long time without letting your eyes get tired.
  • High-quality craftsmanship. All 4est glasses frames are handmade. Purchasing a pair of wooden sunglasses, you may be sure you get an exclusive product with no analogs. The item will be a great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. 
  • Sturdy construction. All mounts are metal. Stainless steel hinges are very reliable and prevent the sunglasses from fast wear.
  • Beautiful natural color without paints. Each frame has an exquisite wood pattern that does not repeat.
  • Every purchase makes you a direct participant in the forest restoration program. The company makes donations to plant two trees from every item they sell. 

We looked through numerous 4est shades reviews and found almost no negative feedback about this product. A few customers commented that the wooden frame gets easily broken. But we believe that proper maintenance and use of protective case will protect you from this issue. 

The interesting thing is that bamboo is actually grass. And this fact allows it to combine such properties as exclusive strength and moisture resistance. Sunglasses with wooden frames made of bamboo will be relevant both on the beach and for shopping.

4est Shades Color & Sizes.  

The manufacturer offers wooden shades in several variants. You can choose from 3 colors and 2 lens sizes. If you want to buy these glasses for a woman, the red frame color and 51mm wide length will be just fine. And you will find classical black and brown options and a lens 55mm wide for a man.

The size of glasses is often indicated by a number equivalent to the width of their lenses. The sizes of men's and women's sunglasses usually vary from 36mm to 55mm. 

Lens and frame sizes are very important parameters when buying sunglasses. You can make a fairly common mistake, choosing the glasses only based on their appearance. Size is the main selection criteria as you should feel comfortable when wearing the sun shades. If the frames’ parameters do not correspond to your individual sizes, it is better to refuse purchase no matter how stylish sunglasses may be. 

To determine the appropriate width of the glasses lenses, measure the width of the face using a regular, rigid ruler. The ruler should be applied to the face below the eye level and held horizontally. The distance between the temples will be the required parameter. With this value, you will easily define the appropriate lens width for your glasses. For example, if your face is 130mm, you need to buy a 54mm lens width. 

Who Are These Sunglasses for?

When choosing accessories for review, we always pay attention to the brand. Companies like 4est are as passionate about the quality of their products as they are about eco trends. Customers are more and more concerned about buying eco-friendly products.  If you are looking for one of these, the 4est sunglasses are the right choice for you. When choosing a summer accessory, do not forget that bamboo shades are not sold on every corner, unlike plastic or metal ones, and it gives them even more charm. Real wood sunglasses will look appropriate both on the beach and in an urban setting. The models are quite versatile and suitable for men and women. It is a great gift idea.

Where to Buy 4est Shades Bamboo Sunglasses?

If you want to purchase sunglasses from this manufacturer, you can visit its official online store. Every site visitor is offered to spin a wheel of fortune and win an attractive discount for shopping.  Besides sunglasses, you will also find an amazing collection of watches. Some items come packed in elegant wooden cases, so it is a perfect gift idea. 4est Shades products are also widely presented on the website. 


Are bamboo sunglasses waterproof?

Wooden sunglasses do not sink in water, and they are suitable for tourists, anglers and travelers. Drops of accidental rain simply run down the frame without being absorbed. All wood species, including bamboo, go through special finishing to make the glasses frame more resistant to water influence. But it is better to avoid continuous contact with water. 

Are bamboo shades eco-friendly?

4est manufactures a product exclusively from natural bamboo. All glasses are very lightweight and hypoallergenic. Products are made without chemical treatment and without the addition of paints. The company supports the β€œBuy One, Plant Two” initiative. From every purchase, a donation for planting two trees is made. 

How to care for bamboo sunglasses?

It is recommended to keep your wooden shades in a safe place. The best approach is to get a hard case for this purpose. The bamboo frame can lose its color over time. But you can easily bring its luster back by applying special wax. Once you feel the frame becomes loose, either visit your local eyeglass shop to tighten it up or purchase a kit in the pharmacy and do it yourself.


Bamboo frame sunglasses are an eco-friendly accessory. If you are looking for stylish sun shades and care about the environment, the 4est shades are a great choice! Thanks to high-quality finishing, bamboo retains its shape and properties even better than popular materials such as metal and plastic. The manufacturer uses modern technologies to ensure its wooden glasses provide real comfort. They are lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture. This accessory will not only emphasize your style but will also serve for a long time.

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