Bamboo blinds are the most popular products among eco-design lovers. Products made of natural bamboo give the room warmth, coziness, and a special oriental style. The sun protection function of bamboo shades means filtering incoming light in a natural way (depending on the fiber weaving structure).  Also, they provide good thermal insulation. Bamboo curtains made of natural materials always look luxurious and elegant adding originality, uniqueness, and integrity to any room. Now, letโ€™s turn to the most interesting bamboo shade options we selected for you.

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Arlo Blinds Cordless Petite Rustique Bamboo Roman Shades Light Filtering Window Blinds - Size: 20' W...

All-natural material, safe cordless lift system, valance included



Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind with Privacy Backer Liner - 72-Inch Wide by 72-Inch...

Good light filtering, various sizes, and colors, all mounting hardware included



HomeSmart Products Premium 400 Thread Count Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover with Cool Touch Soft...

Outdoor use possible, wide color selection, strong and good quality



Zen Bamboo 1800 Series Luxury Bed Sheets - Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic and Wrinkle Resistant Rayon...

Clear colors, washable surface, easy to maintain



Pure Bamboo Queen Duvet Cover Set - 100% Organic Bamboo, Luxuriously Soft and Cooling - 3 Piece Set...

Easy installation, a wide range of use, smooth raise and lower



Cariloha Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover Set Includes Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Shams - 3 Degrees Cooler...

Stylish design, efficient sunlight control, indoor/patio use



No products found.

Top-quality bamboo, wear-resistant, easy care



Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft 3-Piece Rayon Derived From Bamboo Duvet Cover Set -ย Hypoallergenic and...

Natural tone pattern, custom size, indoor use



Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Hyrbid Duvet Covers, 3pc Duvet Cover Set, Oversized King / Cal-King, White

Two mounting options, efficient sunlight protection, good insulation


Arlo Blinds Cordless Petite Rustique Bamboo Roman Shades Blinds

Arlo Blinds Cordless Petite Rustique Bamboo Roman Shades Blinds

The bamboo window shades from Arlo Blinds have a rich texture and nice colors adding natural sophistication to any room. The new cordless lift system ensures safety and convenience of use. To get a better understanding of these bamboo curtains their basic properties are listed below:

  • Provide privacy and light filtering without darkening the room too much.
  • Available sizes range from 20 - 46.5"W x 60"H to 20 - 45"W x 74"H.
  • A 7-inch valance for a better look is included.
  • Bamboo roll-up blinds are for indoor use only.

And now, letโ€™s find out the pros and cons of this item:

Pros Cons
Made of all-natural bamboo material
Difficult to push them up and pull down evenly
Easy mounting with hardware included
The safe cordless lift system
Different colors and sizes available

I wanted a light-filtering shade and these bamboo roman shades are perfect for those who love natural light. They are well made, the size is spot on and they are very easy to mount.

Donโ€™t miss your chance to get a tropical feeling while it is snowing outside. Click to order!

Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind

Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind

There is another bamboo blinds option that blocks enough sunlight and cools the room. The brown bamboo shade is made of natural material, has a nice design, easy to use, and durable. The major features of this item are provided below:

  • For internal mounting only.
  • Partially filter the light not acting as a privacy screen.
  • Available sizes are 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72, 84, 95"W x 72"H and 36, 48"W x 96"H.
  • Mounting hardware and manual are included.

Letโ€™s consider the essential pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Nice, light to medium colorNot suitable for outdoor use
Sturdy hardware ensuring lasting use
Easy to install
A wide selection of dimensions available

If you're looking for privacy bamboo window blinds these are not completely suitable. They give limited privacy, however, people cannot see directly through your windows. They are well priced and have the perfect size selection I needed. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and these blinds. They all work as expected and roll up easily.

Try this bamboo sunshade for your room. Order now!

PASSENGER PIGEON Bamboo Roller Shades

PASSENGER PIGEON Bamboo Roller Shades

The exclusive and cheap bamboo shades/blinds from PASSENGER PIGEON come with valance and a convenient wood handle for easy up and down. You will easily find the model with dimensions that fit your window as the manufacturer offers a wide size selection. So, here is a little more details about this product:

  • A broad variety of available dimensions ranging from 20"W x 36"H to 78"W x 96"H. Custom size is also offered.
  • Can be used outdoors but with some mount place restrictions.
  • Natural, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic material used.
  • Inside/Outside mount set is included.

The pros and cons are listed below:

This is a great product. Hanging them required using a drill, so I had to tap the screw holders into place but nothing really difficult. I was impressed with the pulley and cord system to lift and down them. It works very smoothly. These shades are of superior quality.

Curious to see them in your window? Click to buy!

Pros Cons
Extended color selectionEnough sheer, could have more privacy
Lightweight and easy to install
Sturdy and good quality
All hardware for mounting included

ZY Blinds Bamboo Window Blinds

ZY Blinds Bamboo Window Blinds

The next bamboo roll-up blinds we selected for you are possible to use indoor. They would perfectly fit the kitchen or bathroom windows. However, the manufacturer also suggests outdoor options. The protective covering preserving the material against mold and makes it water-resistant. The main characteristics of the item for your information:

  • Made of natural, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic material.
  • All colors are clear and with wood gloss.
  • The six-inch matching valance included.
  • An extensive color selection.

Several pros and cons:

Pros Cons
The lift system works wellNecessary to contact the manufacturer regarding dimensions you need
Washable surface
Gently filter the light
Easy to care for and operate

These are beautifully made bamboo roller blinds of great quality. The bamboo and stitching is great and the mounting brackets are also made well. They look expensive adding a charming feeling to the room. I like how the color of the shade I chose matches the decor of my room.

If you want to try them for your room, click to buy!

Bamboo Roll Up Shade, Reed Roller Blinds Curtain

Bamboo Roll Up Shade, Reed Roller Blinds Curtain

The bamboo shades from WYCD possess unique colorful textures bringing a natural and fresh feeling to the room. They are resistant to fading, high humidity, deformation, external shocks, and temperature extremes. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  However, it is recommended to protect them from direct rainwater. Here follows the key features:

  • Provide efficient protection of your furniture and floors from fading by sunlight blocking.
  • A large selection of available sizes ranging from 20"W x 24"H to 57"W x 92"H.
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • Strong and sturdy bamboo reed maintaining good condition for a long time.

See the main pros and cons:

Pros Cons
The installation is fast and easyThe reeds are a bit delicate and require gently handling
Roll up and down smoothly
Wide range of uses
It is waterproof but cannot be exposed to rain for a long time

These cheap bamboo shades are a lightweight and inexpensive alternative for rustic window dressing. Looks natural and really nice! Easy to install in minutes. Iโ€™m very happy with the results!

Why don't you check them for yourself? Order now!

TJ Global Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind Sun Shade

TJ Global Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind Sun Shade

Letโ€™s move on to the bamboo blinds offered by TJ Global. They have high thermal insulation characteristics and maintain a comfortable room temperature. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. They can be used as both indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds but exposure to direct rain must be avoided. The main points you should know about them:

  • Eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Different size options 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72"W x 72"H.
  • All hardware necessary to mount included.
  • Protection from direct sunlight and harmful rays.

So for now, let's turn to the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Beautiful, stylish, and elegant designNo valance
Selected, high-quality bamboo materialThe cord comes in a separate bag without any instructions
Efficient sunlight and air control in the room
Can be used indoor or patio

These bamboo roller blinds are decent & the quality is fair. I love the warmth of the bamboo especially in a house with a lot of gray shades. I'm content with my purchase!

Feel like this is an option for you? Click to buy!

Thy Trading Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind Sun Shade

Thy Trading Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind Sun Shade

The next item we chose for you is Thy Trading bamboo shades. They are refined and stylish. This product can be used anywhere providing elegant and reliable light protection. Due to natural material, these bamboo roll-up blinds are easy to maintain. It is enough to wipe them with a slightly damp cloth during cleaning. The basic properties of this item are outlined below:

  • Dimension available 24"W x 72"H.
  • Smooth roll up or down for easy sunlight control.
  • Easy mounted and can be widely used.
  • All necessary hardware is included in the complete set.

Check out the most important pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Made of top-quality, eco-friendly bambooBlack mold appears when they get wet
Wear-resistant with long service life
Harmoniously fit into any room design
Easy maintenance

Bamboo has a specific structure, therefore, the openwork and texture of the finished product depend on the weaving technology

This product is exactly what I needed. I bought these outdoor bamboo blinds for my deck. They installed easily and look awesome! Good deal.

Have you already made your choice? Order here!

LETAU Wood Window Shades Blinds, Bamboo Light Filtering

LETAU Wood Window Shades Blinds, Bamboo Light Filtering

These custom made bamboo roman shades will be enjoyed by everybody who likes the beauty of the natural woven materials. A comprehensive color selection allows you to easily pick out the one that perfectly matches your interior design. Inside and outside mounting hardware makes the process of installation very fast and not complicated. Below are characteristics of the product you need to be aware of:

  • The six-inch matching valance included.
  • The natural tone bamboo pattern.
  • Protecting from direct sun rays, still allows enough light to flow through.
  • Custom size.

Please note the key pros and cons:

Pros Cons
The shades protect, keep warm, and are an original decorationShouldnโ€™t be installed in damp and moist environments
The item is spectacular, look fashionable and stylish
The item is spectacular, look fashionable and stylish
For indoor use

I love the pattern and they are not typical bamboo curtains. They are very high quality and the custom measurements are right on point. Also, provide a good amount of shade. Perfect for any room in the house that makes me highly satisfied with this product.

Want to see them in your room? Click to buy!

Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

There is another option of the interior bamboo roller blinds that provide semi-private light control for windows. The rich wood tones of bamboo shades will perfectly complement the color scheme of your furniture and floor. They are eco-friendly and made of 100% bamboo. Here we compiled the main features of this item:

  • Size 46"W x 64"H.
  • Inside/Outside windows frame mount opportunity.
  • Bamboo sunshade filters sunlight protecting furniture and hardwood floors from fading.
  • Breathable and environmentally safe.

Moving on to the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Made of non-allergenic, selected bambooEasy to mount
Stylish and elegant design
Easy to mount
Easy to mount

I canโ€™t believe how easy this was to install! This shade works well and looks beautiful. This is a perfect finish for my beach styled bathroom. 

If you are on the fence about it, just go for it! Order now!

Types of bamboo blinds

Bamboo window shades are very popular today due to their attractive texture, wide color palette, and stylish design. They are made of selected bamboo which is specially processed and dried. After processing the natural material is characterized by increased wear resistance and strength what makes it ideal for creating unusual and attractive blinds. They will help decorate the room and emphasize the chosen style. In addition, such products are affordable and durable. The main types of bamboo blinds are set out below.

Roman Shades

Roman shades made from durable bamboo material are a great way to cozy-up your home. Having no lining they gently filter the light protecting the room and items inside from direct sun rays. However, they do not provide you with complete privacy.

Pleated shades

Bamboo pleated shades add softness to the atmosphere, making sure that incoming sunlight is enough to brighten a room. Their structure consists of only one bamboo layer providing a captivating appearance and moderate insulation feature. 

Bamboo shades

Bamboo curtains are made from bamboo cloth that is woven in various ways from bamboo cane, jute, linen, and natural fabrics. They allow you to give the window an exotic look of the tropics and the elegance of antiquity filling the room with a light scent of wood and herbs. Bamboo blinds are an exquisite design option in your home or office. The practicality and versatility of bamboo curtains have made them a popular type of window treatment all over the world. Natural wood, jute, bamboo easily fit into both classic and modern interiors.

Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb or cellular shades got their name because of their unique structure. Two or three layers of pleated fabric are connected along the edge of the folds so that they form a honeycomb in the section. From the front side, the surface looks like pleated blinds.  The presence of additional fabric layers and air-filled honeycombs provide additional insulation advantages since these structures are more effective at protecting from outside noise and filtering heat rays.

Motorized shades

Motorized bamboo window blinds are becoming more and more popular every year due to the opportunity to get them up and down using the built-in motor. The latest innovative solutions even allow to drive them using smartphone or pocket PC apps. Hard-wired, battery-powered, and plug-in models of motorized blinds are offered in the market.

Factors We Look At When Choosing Bamboo blinds

Home comfort is largely determined by the efficiency of the window treatment system. Bamboo roll-up blinds are the most cost-efficient solution to the problem of sunlight filtering and insulation. Generally, there are lots of factors affecting the choice of the model. We compiled the essential ones helping us to select products deserving your attention:

  • Materials. Bamboo is a natural and environmentally friendly material. It is hypoallergenic and also has antibacterial properties. Bamboo curtains are breathable, safe, and can be used in children's rooms.
  • Durability and resistance. Bamboo retains its strength and color even when exposed to the direct sun's rays. Even with daily use for several years, they will look just great. Also, cheap bamboo blinds are moisture-resistant and do not lose their shape upon moderate short-term exposure to water. As a consequence, they are often used in bathrooms and swimming pools.
  • Functionality. The models providing good thermal insulation are always in demand. Whether you need to protect your room from excessive sunlight or cold from outside the window, bamboo fiber is a wise solution. Also, blinds made of natural bamboo act as an original design piece adding texture and cozy-up your sweet home.
  • Mounting hardware. The opportunity to mount the blinds inside the window frame or outside it is also important. The measuring and choice of hardware type fully depend on the windows you have. Therefore, we consider the presence of both mounting hardware types with detailed manual in the set essential.

Why Choose Bamboo shades?

The natural bamboo shade is primarily a thing that will be appreciated by lovers of everything aesthetic, natural, and safe. If you dabble in home decor and think that the place could use a little spruce-up then this is a perfect tool for you. These blinds refine the atmosphere, fill the room with comfort and a feeling of closeness to nature.

Unfortunately, only a few people clearly know about the advantages and practical properties of this all-natural and incredibly beautiful window treatment. First of all, we would like to focus on the exceptional strength of the material and its resistance to any external effect, whether it is sunlight or moisture. They are sturdy and dense enough. Also, they are not subject to deformation even being used in such high-humidity spaces as the bathroom.

Secondly, bamboo window shades are not demanding when it comes to maintenance and care. Regular cleaning with a soft and damp cloth is enough to keep them tidy. Thirdly, they are absolutely safe and health-friendly. Whether you use Roman or cellular shades it is very important to understand that bamboo curtains and their effectiveness are highly dependent on the specific construction used.

How to hang bamboo shades at your place?

Anyone who knows how to work with a drill and a screwdriver can hang these blinds on a plastic window. Although, small bamboo roller blinds are easy to hang even without drilling. Self-adhesive command hooks, magnetic blinds, or tension rods may help.

Bamboo blinds at the base have a simple structure and a simple fixing system. To attach them to the window opening, it is enough to perform a few installation steps:

  • Choose a place where you want to hand the blinds.
  • Make marks on the window for drilling the holes or placing removable sticker hooks.
  • Drill holes in the marked places and install the fixing elements or stick the hooks.
  • Then you need to mount the shades on the fixers and adjust their position.
  • Check if the blinds are working well. If necessary, shift them a little.

If the blind is large make sure to use the appropriate fixing method.

How to clean and take care of your bamboo shades?

Natural bamboo blinds do not need the same maintenance as usual as fabric curtains. Bamboo does not deform or change color influenced by the direct sun rays and high humidity. However, long-term use may cause changes in its appearance.

In order for a bamboo sunshade to retain its original appearance longer, you must follow some simple cleaning rules:

  • Use a special dust brush or dry cloth to wipe it.
  • If it is heavily soiled, you can use a damp sponge, but this method should not be used often. Bamboo shade and cord should be moistened as little as possible.
  • Do not use any cleaning product for the curtain material. Natural bamboo may change color at different points or deform after direct contact with chemicals.

Using a vacuum cleaner for regular dry cleaning is a good idea that could save your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bamboo blinds block out light?

Bamboo doesnโ€™t block all the light incoming into the room. With no lining, it greatly reduces the sun rays protecting your furniture and hardwood floors from fading but doesnโ€™t provide full privacy. If you want more privacy you should use privacy or blackout lining.

How do they work?

There are two ways of lifting up bamboo products. First is Roman, or bamboo roman shades. It creates beautiful folds, like waves when the curtain is folded. The second is Rolled. It means that the canvas is rolled up from the bottom edge using a string.

How long will they last?

As all-natural material bamboo has increased wear resistance. It has a high resistance to external negative factors, for example, to ultraviolet rays. Bamboo curtains do not fade, do not lose their shape when heated, do not delaminate. Also, being a natural antistatic agent bamboo ensures that no dust accumulates on the curtains.

How to shorten bamboo blinds (how to cut)?

Shortening bamboo window blinds isnโ€™t a complicated process. You can do it by having scissors and a hot glue gun. First, you need to mark the desired length. Find the metal ring above your mark and cut the string between it and the one down. Then tie the strings around the upper ring. Go down for about an inch from your mark and put a small glue line from one side of the shade to the other to prevent unraveling. Now you are ready to cut. Cut one or two sticks below your glue line all the way across. Thatโ€™s all - you did it.

Where to buy bamboo blinds

From our experience, Amazon is considered the best place to buy bamboo products. Along with the opportunity to get detailed information about the particular item you could read the testimonials from the customers who already bought this product.


Bamboo blinds are the right choice for those who strive to create a charming original style and fill the interior of the room with natural harmony. They have many benefits. First of all, natural, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic material. No toxic or dangerous chemicals are used while processing raw materials and fabric production.

Still not sure which ones to pick? Fear no more, we would recommend purchasing Arlo Blinds Bamboo Roman Shades. They are really good and would look nice at your place! We promise.

All-natural properties of bamboo stems are preserved, especially with no artificial coloring and bleaching. 

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