Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It can grow by 34 inches within 24 hours.

Bamboo is an excellent raw material used in many industries. It is also suitable for a wide variety of home textiles - including carpets and rugs. A bamboo rug is a very unusual accessory that combines both natural and artificial components. On the one hand, it is made entirely from pure bamboo cellulose, but by involving chemical processes. Therefore, a bamboo rug is called artificial, but it is not synthetic. We can say that it is the most natural rug of all artificial ones.

Let’s see what features made bamboo rugs so popular for everyday home use.

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Bamboo Floor Mat 24' x 72',Natural Bamboo,Light Wood

Bamboo floor runner in light wood color. The rubber base makes this rug perfect for the bathroom and kitchen.



Anji Mountain Cobblestone Bamboo Rug, 4 x 6 ft, Mahogany

Cobblestone bamboo rug will look good in any interior. Only for indoor use.



Giantex 5'x8' Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural Bamboo Wood Indoor 60” x 96” Area Rug

Indoor area mat, eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable. It is excellent as a larger area cover.



5' X 8' Floor Carpet, Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural Bamboo Non-Slip Roll Runner Indoor...

A bamboo runner with safe lining. A good indoor and outdoor option.



Bamboo 5' X 8' (60'x96') Floor Mat Area Rug, Bamboo Floor Runner Indoor Carpet, Rustic Olive Color...

Pure bamboo floor runner in rustic olive color. An elegant solution for indoor use.



iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen,...

Stylish water-resistant runner of a universal size. It is washable and is good for bathrooms and kitchens.



Clevr Venice Natural Bamboo 6' X 9' (72'x108') Floor Mat

Natural floor mat made from high-quality bamboo. The extra-large size makes the rug a perfect solution for a dining room.


If you are looking for some protection for heavy traffic areas in your home, this bamboo runner can become a perfect solution. A nice six-foot rug will look harmoniously both on the wooden floor inside the house or at the front door. The mat comes with non-slippery backing which makes it ideal to use in front of the sink.

Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros Cons
Attractive light wood colorIt comes only in one size
Antiskid Latex backingThe rug is not washable
Suitable for front and back door
Rug size 24” wide x 72” long
Made of natural bamboo

Some customers complain that the protective backing is not glued but sewn and can leave stains on the tile. But the majority of users like this bamboo rug, admitting it fits well in different locations and absorbs water perfectly. The mat is very easy to clean even if it is not washable. You only need a sponge or wet cloth to process the stains and return the rug to its flawless state. This bamboo rug Amazon item is especially recommended for the kitchen and bathroom.

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Anji Mountain Store Bamboo Rug

If you are looking for a practical yet elegant floor cover, this cobblestone bamboo rug deserves your attention. It will give a special finishing touch to any interior. The perfect look of the rug is achieved due to the high-quality bamboo used for its production. The raw materials are dried first, then planed on a special machine, and sanded for obtaining that appealing look. This finishing makes the rug super durable.

Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros Cons
Highly-durableIt badly tolerates exposure to rain
It does not get distortedIt is not recommended for workouts
An attractive combination of dark brown and mahogany colors
0.20-inch thickness
Anti-slippery backing cushions
It is available across many sizes including bamboo rug 4 x 6 feet

This rug will look the most appropriate in the dining room or living room. If you put it under the table or chairs, it is recommended to protect the furniture legs to avoid scratches on the rug surface. The main part of the rug can be cleaned with a damp cloth while the borders can be washed with a soap solution. This bamboo mat will make your room design more sophisticated.

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Giantex Store Bamboo Rug

This large-sized version of bamboo floor cover is a good option for bigger spaces. The rug will work well in the hallway or in the kitchen as it is well protected from moving thanks to antiskid backing. Another attractive feature is easy maintenance. The rug has a special treatment and occasional spills are no longer a problem. The mat is lightweight and you can roll and carry it with no effort.

Now, check out the pros and cons:

Non-slippery paddingNon-water resistant
Large size 5’ x 8’It is not recommended for workouts
Stain-resistant finishing
No special care is needed

The main advantage of this bamboo carpet is its size. We can admit this large bamboo rug suits well several rooms including hallways and kitchen due to its protective underside and firm grip. Besides, others also found that the mat is very durable with the possibility to serve you for a couple of years. The rug has a neutral design and will look harmonious in any interior. So it is the right time to test it in your home.

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Gentle Shower Bamboo Rug

This bamboo bath rug is 100% natural. Besides bathrooms, it is a great option for using during camping or just playing on the floor. The rug is very durable so it can serve you as a bamboo outdoor rug thanks to its water-resistant feature. The edges of the rug are finished with the fabric that protects you from being scratched.

Let’s see the main pros and cons:

WaterproofShould not be kept in very wet areas
Easy to clean and store
Antiskid protection and good grip
Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
It rolls well and is easy to store
Good size 5’ x 8’

This multifaceted floor cover can be used as an indoor mat for various purposes and as a bamboo patio rug. It is especially good for camping. The runner is lightweight and rolls well so it is very convenient to store. We can say it has a very soft touch if you walk on it barefoot. And there are recommendations from other users not to excessively wet the rug to avoid damaging. Overall, this item can be surely called one of the must-have home essentials.

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Clevr Store Natural Bamboo Rug

This organic rug is produced from non-toxic and natural bamboo raw materials. The rug is especially durable as its every slate is carbonized. This technology protects the mat from cracking, distortion, and makes it water-resistant. The item does not require any special care and can be used for many areas across the home. It comes in pleasant rustic olive color and will complement any room designs.

Now, look at some of the pros and cons:

Non-slippery reverse sideIt cannot be used as an outdoor rug
Durable edge finishingProduct color may not match the pictures on the site
Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
Large size
Very easy maintenance
Convenient for every room
Large size 8’ x 10’

The bamboo rug 8x10 will look ideally in any room, be it a living room or a kitchen. Though it cannot serve as a bamboo patio rug. This bamboo mat is handcrafted and there are no two rugs alike, colors may slightly differ between two mats. So do not be surprised to get a green bamboo rug when you order it. Some users complained about the smell of chemicals coming from the rug. But you can easily get rid of it by airing the item properly. Other than that, it is a perfect runner for indoor use.

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iDesign Store Bamboo Rug

This bamboo mat rug is a good solution for the areas that contact with water and mud. The rug is waterproof and is especially appropriate for bathrooms and hallways. The non-skid padding makes it safe and ideal for tile or wooden floors. Another benefit is easy maintenance. This feature attracts many customers. The rug can be processed with warm water or dry cleaned only. Convenient size makes the rug fit well in small passways and other narrow areas.

Now, let’s see the main pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Easy washableCan move a little on a very wet surface
Stylish design in mocha brown shade
Anti-slippery underside finishing
Convenient size 72” x 24

We consider this option to be the best for the bathroom thanks to its water-resistant characteristic. Though, there are comments that the rug does not grip absolutely well on a very wet floor. The runner dries very well and can be cleaned just with a vacuum cleaner. Due to its bright color, it will also look great in other areas of the house. The rug is multifunctional and can also be used for various outdoor activities.

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Clevr Store Venice Bamboo Rug

A natural floor mat in walnut color will add charm to a living room. It is environmentally-friendly and is made of specially dried bamboo raw materials. The rug slats are joined together using advanced weaving technology. The rug is rather spacious and comes in two colors – light brown and dark brown. But the manufacturer warns that it is a handcrafted product, and shades of two rugs may slightly differ.

Here are some pros and cons for your consideration:

Pros Cons
Eco-friendly and non-toxicIt is not designed for outdoor use
Highly-durable finishingColor may be different from the shade shown on the site
Anti-slippery padding
Rich color finishing
Extra large size 6’x 9’

We can say that the rug is very sturdy as many use it under heavy dining tables. But at the same time, it is not a patio rug. It is meant for indoor use only. The size of the product allows using it for bigger areas like a living room or dining room. The rug is very tolerable to water and dries well without any deformations. It does not absorb odors and can be quickly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

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Factors We Look at When Choosing Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo grows in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. China and India account for nearly 70% of bamboo production in the world.

A bamboo mat is produced from young plant stems or large pressed trunks. The planks are sanded to perfect smoothness, fastened with strong threads, and placed on a piece of fabric or rubberized base. These slatted rugs are ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Such rugs come in various shapes. You can easily purchase a square or round bamboo rug. They can not only be laid on the floor but also used as a wall decoration. These planks are moisture-resistant, so they are ideal for the bathroom.

There are several factors to consider before purchasing bamboo floor mats.

  •       Check the rug composition. If you want to purchase an eco-friendly product, opt for the goods made of 100% bamboo;
  •       Think where you will use a bamboo rug. Not all of them are good for outdoor use;
  •       If you are going to put a mat in the high-traffic areas, pay attention to water-resistant features. This characteristic will allow you to use a rug in the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway and easily clean the rug when needed.
  •       Check for the quality and other certificates for bamboo goods;
  •       The bamboo is quite slippery, so the rugs should have an underside made of rubber or lined with anti-skid material;
  •       It is advisable to choose the rugs with borders finished with protective fabric. It will help avoid scratching;
  •       If you are interested in handmade rugs, note that there may be color inconsistency in such items.

Why Bamboo Rugs: What are the Benefits?

Rugs made of environmentally friendly material are always in trend. They fit perfectly into any interior, they are durable and easy to use. Moreover, some characteristics make them proudly stand out from the crowd of other floor covers. They are the following:

  •       Antiallergenic. An eco-friendly rug made of bamboo causes no harm even to people suffering from asthma.
  •       Durability. Bamboo is a very durable material that can serve for many years without losing its qualities;
  •       Easy care. This winning feature was one of the main reasons for the success of bamboo rugs;
  •       Affordable price. Since bamboo is grass that can grow 2 meters in just 1 day, this material is never in short supply. This factory greatly affects its cost. The only exception is handmade products for individual orders. But even in this case, a bamboo mat price will be much lower than its analog made in silk or wool;
  •       Bamboo is 100% environmentally friendly. Due to the growth rate, no pesticides or other chemical additives are used when growing the raw materials;
  •       Antibacterial properties. Some studies have shown that bamboo works well against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The rugs do not absorb or keep unpleasant odors. To avoid the appearance of fungus and mold, the rugs are processed with special compounds.
  •       Water resistance. Unlike other materials, bamboo fiber is not afraid of moisture. It has perfect moisture absorption and water does not affect its qualities.
  •       Good ventilation and thermal insulation. Due to its porous structure, the bamboo product is well ventilated, and at low room temperatures it is able to retain heat;
  •       Variety of colors. Bamboo can be dyed with a wide variety of water-repellent paints, which allows you to choose the most unique option for decorating your bathroom.

Which Certifications You Should look at When Choosing Bamboo Rugs

You may be interested to know what types of certifications bamboo rug products may have. Here is some information on how to read various logos on the labels:

FSC logo. It is used to prove that the bamboo raw materials have come from responsibly managed areas. An FSC logo is a sign proving that the environment was not affected in any way when harvesting bamboo.

GoodWeave label. The carpet industry has one of the highest child labor rates in the world. The independent certifying agency and global non-profit organization GoodWeave have certified over 80 carpet importers to ensure that the rug was produced by a qualified adult artisan and not a child.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a bamboo rug?

Being a material of natural origin, bamboo needs careful handling. If you want a bamboo rug to serve you long, follow these rules:

  •       Bamboo rugs can be vacuum cleaned on both sides;
  •       Avoid detergents containing bleaching components that can damage the product;
  •       Dry the product in the fresh air, in a horizontal position;
  •       Avoid direct sunlight to prevent a rug from fading and burnt effects;

How to clean bamboo silk rugs?

A bamboo silk rug requires more delicate care than a traditional woolen or synthetic rug. In most cases, you will be able to clean it with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Be sure to raise the bristle bar to prevent the threads from pulling. If you need to remove a spill, do not rub it hard. Use a tissue to dry the liquid or a cloth soaked in a solution of white vinegar and water.

 Are bamboo rugs waterproof?

Bamboo is durable and moisture-resistant material, and the same refers to goods made of it. Bamboo rugs are very popular due to this feature and are often used in the bathrooms.

What material are bamboo rugs made of?

Bamboo rugs are not made from bamboo itself, but from artificial cellulose fiber obtained by processing the trunks of this southern plant. This fiber is called rayon for its similarity to viscose.


Bamboo rugs are not a novelty on the market. This material has been used in Asian countries since time immemorial. However, the modern industry has implemented advanced ways of bamboo. As a result, there is a wide selection of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, moisture-resistant, and very lightweight floor rugs with original and unusual textures.

If you want to hear our personal recommendation we would suggest looking into these two: Apollo International Bamboo RugGiantex Store Bamboo Rug

Bamboo rugs are usually produced in a minimalistic style, and they look natural in any interior. You will easily find suitable bamboo rugs for each area in your home.

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