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πŸƒ Bamboo Supply Co Sheets Review – 2023 Buying Guide

What does it take to have a good sleep? It is quite easy to assume that most people associate good sleep with a proper nighttime routine and a suitable sleeping schedule. As much as these aspects play a crucial role in making our sleeping routine efficient, there is a thing that most of us forget about. This vital element is your bedsheets. We have reviewed quite a few bamboo sheets before, but we haven't told you about Bamboo Supply Co sheets yet. This bamboo sheets review definitely deserves your attention.

Bamboo Supply Co Sheets - Key Features

You may think that your bedsheets are perfect exactly as they are, and there is no need to change them to improve the quality of your sleep. Well, that is what the vast majority believes in before discovering the real difference. While hundreds of brands are claiming to produce the world's softest sheets, Bamboo Supply Co reaches far above marketing slogans.

These incredibly soft bedsheets are remarkable due to the combination of lightness, durability, and sustainability in one product. Coming in an extensive variety of sizes, Bamboo Supply Co sheets have an affordable price that makes them a must-have for any bedroom.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Supply Co sheets

As mentioned before, bamboo sheets are often advertised as "the softest and the best ones". However, quite often, the reality turns out to be the opposite. Disappointed by the gap between expectations and reality, we become more skeptical while making our choices.

We have prepared the list of pros and cons of Bamboo Supply Co sheets to show you why these bed sheets stand out from the rest.

The Pros

  • They are eco-friendly. Sustainability becomes crucial for us while choosing things for our daily use, primarily when they determine the quality of our sleep. Knowing that your bedsheets are being produced ethically and not processed with chemicals in the course of production is a soothing idea. However, the bedsheets' eco-friendliness means way more. Bamboo viscose in the Bamboo Supply Co sheets is one of the best sustainable fabrics you can find on the market. To produce bamboo viscose, producers use closed-loop cycles. You may already be familiar with this definition, but here's a little recap if you are not. Closed-loop cycles are as simple as reusing all of the resources for further production. Instead of dumping the technical water into the landfills, it is being filtered and reused for additional production. I don't think we need to mention how great bamboo is as a raw material. It grows very fast and needs neither pesticides nor much care, which makes it perfect for bed sheets production.
  • These sheets are ultimately soft. After tossing and turning on your regular sheets, we bet you tried to Google "the softest sheets" multiple times. If you did, then the answer to your request lies on the very surface. Bamboo Supply Co bedsheets are not only sustainable but also unbelievably soft.
  • They are breathable. Breathability is an aspect that you can frequently find in the reviews of Bamboo Supply Co sheets. However, why is it so important? As much as the first answer to this question is easy to guess, further aspects seem to be way less noticeable. First, the breathability of your sheets does not allow you to get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. It is relevant not only for those who seek the improvement of their sleep but for people with numerous skin conditions. Breathable sheets are also way less prone for developing dust mites and odor.

The Cons

  • These bamboo sheets are prone to wrinkling. Some of us enjoy having polished-looking bedsheets and do not like to have them wrinkled. To a big misfortune, the best natural materials, such as linen or bamboo viscose, make this look difficult to achieve as they are prone to wrinkling. These sheets are going to be an ideal choice for those on the side of edgy, modern and slightly wrinkled looks.

Our Experience with Bamboo Supply Co sheets

To make this review useful, we tested the sheets for a month and discovered whether they are as good as described. Our extensive experience with bamboo sheets suggested that there is no product on the market that could surprise us. However, our assumptions turned out to be completely wrong.

Bamboo Supply Co sheets are nothing like the sheets we have tested before. Their softness made them our love "from the first touch". We have also washed them several times during the test and were impressed by how they do not lose their fit and colour.

 Where to Buy Bamboo Supply Co Sheets

To be secure and know that your bamboo sheets are authentic, we strongly recommend that you order them directly from the brand's official website

Unfortunately, this brand has stopped its operations, so you can't buy it for now. If you'd like similar products, please check out these reviews: Cosy House Bamboo Sheets Review, Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review, Hotel Sheets Direct Review.

Bamboo Supply Co Sheets FAQ's

"What is the thread count of Bamboo Co Sheets?"

Thread count is usually an unnecessary indicator for bamboo materials, as the softness of bamboo viscose is reached due to the vertical positioning of the thread during the weaving process. However, it does not mean that high thread count will not make your bamboo sheets even softer. The thread count of Bamboo Supply Co sheets is as high as 320, which makes them the world's softest sheets.

"What is the size range of Bamboo Supply Co Sheets?"

These sheets come in five sizing variations: Double, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King. The price for the Double option is $185, while the largest Split King costs $215.

"In which colors do the Bamboo Supply Co sheets come?"

The sheets come in Charcoal, Grey, White and Ivory. 

"What is the warranty for Bamboo Supply Co sheets?"

If you do not enjoy your bamboo sheets, the producer gives you a 90-day warranty of money return. However, you have to make sure that you do not cause any damage to the sheets to use the warranty option.


As experienced users of bamboo bed sheets, we thought that there are no more sheet sets to surprise us. However, Bamboo Supply Co sheets managed to make an impression. Being unbelievable soft, they are also durably, hypoallergenic and breathable. Combining the features mentioned above with the sustainability makes these sheets a desirable item for every bedroom.

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