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Bamboo Water Fountain to Enhance your Home Relaxation

Bamboo water fountains have a calming, tricking sound that transforms your garden or home into a tranquil serenity area to give an exquisite general look. One of the most popular applications in home decor is a water fountain, and it combines two elements bamboo and water. Depending on its design, a bamboo water fountain can be used both indoors and outdoors to add an old and aesthetic ambiance to your space.

What is a Bamboo Water Fountain?

A bamboo water fountain is a creative body that creates an eye-catching relaxing space in your home. Also known as Shishi-Odishi, meaning scareboar or scare deer, a bamboo water fountain is a device used to scare away animals that may threaten your agriculture.

These fountains are designed to add an audible trickling sensation of water to your home, and the mere sound and sight of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals. This will help promote wellness, induce relaxation, and increase blood flow to the heart and brain.

However, you might not know where to start to compare the different bamboo water fountains to make your ideal choice, and we have done it for you. We have analyzed the best indoor and outdoor water fountains to add peace to your space and complement your home. Read on.

Best Bamboo Water Fountains

1. Bamboo Accents Water Fountain with Pump for Patio

Bamboo Accents Water Fountain with Pump for Patio, Indoor/Outdoor, Adjustable 12-Inch Half-Round...
  • CREATE THE SOOTHING SOUNDS YOU WANT: Fountain support arms easily adjust up for louder splashes on...
  • ENJOY CALMING SOUNDS WITHIN MINUTES: Complete kit includes submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo...
  • CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK: Our fountains donโ€™t come with a container, so you can turn a beautiful pottery...
  • ENJOY FOR YEARS TO COME: The spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, which is...
  • COMES WITH ELECTRIC PUMP: USA-standard 110-Volt pump thatโ€™s strong and quiet for its size.

If you are looking for durability, simplicity, a loud splash and sensation from a design, this Bamboo Accents will be your top choice. It is easy to set up, which could take 10 minutes. It comes with a submersible, strong and quiet pump that is impressive for its size. The fountain is designed to absorb any excess noise, and this leaves you to enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water the fountain.

Image Credit: bamboo accents

However, it doesn't come with a container, but this allows you to transform your pottery bowl, planter, ceramic pot or a simple bowl into your beautiful zen fountain. In addition, you won't have to worry about maintenance with this bamboo fountain as it's crack and split-resistant.


  • Strong and quiet submersible pump
  • Cracka and split-resistant
  • Easy to set up


  • It doesn't include a container

2. Bamboo Accents Low-Profile Deck Water Fountain for Yard

Bamboo Accents Water Fountain with Pump, Indoor/Outdoor Fountain, 12โ€ Wide Three-Arm Style Base,...
  • BUILD A MINIMALIST, SMOOTH-SOUNDING OASIS: Create a deep, resonant flow that soothes the senses with...
  • CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK: Turn a beautiful pottery bowl, planter, or ceramic pot into your own beautiful...
  • ENJOY SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR YEARS TO COME: Spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo,...
  • RELAX TO CALMING SOUNDS WITHIN MINUTES: Includes submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo fountain that...
  • COMES WITH ELECTRIC PUMP: USA-standard 110-Volt pump thatโ€™s strong and quiet for its size. For...

This is a free-standing garden fountain that features a three-arm style base which you can customize it using your favorite ceramic pot or pottery bowl. It is 12 inches wide, perfect for any patio or outdoor balcony and your bedroom or den. The fountain can be set up easily within minutes, and it's meant for containers as shallow as 4 inches deep on a 10 to 20-inch container.

Image Credit: bamboo accents

Bamboo Accents features a handcrafted spout made from the sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, heavier than steel. In addition, the fountain helps absorb excess sounds of nature, leaving you the relaxing sounds you may want. Lastly, it includes an electric pump that is quite strong and quiet for its size.


  • Allows you to enjoy the soothing and relaxing sounds of your fountain
  • Includes an electric pump


  • The pump is not that durable

3. Foci Coziยฎ- Three Arm Bamboo Water Fountain

Bamboo Water Fountain Medium 12 Inch Three Arm Style without Pump, Indoor or Outdoor Zen Garden...
  • Modern design brings a serene warmth to garden and rooms, this Feng shui bamboo fountain can be sit...
  • EASY INSTALL: Complete kit is not includes submersible pump, please get ready for a pump with...
  • Each spout is handcrafted from solid bamboo and with the environmentally friendly painting to avoid...
  • UNIQUE Dร‰COR: Spice up your zen garden or backyard with this DIY fountain. Pick and choose the...

Foci Cozi is another must-have water fountain with a simple design and attractive watch, thanks to its style and durability. The three-arm stylish yet simple bamboo fountain can sit on any bucket or bowl to improve your outdoor space or garden.

Image Credit: Fozi Cozi

It is handcrafted with an environmental painting that prevents it from getting moldy when it comes into contact with water. Also, Fozi Cozi is easy to use and install and can be used in different areas around your home. However, it doesn't include a container, but you can use one of your choices to create a quality fountain.


  • Handcrafted

  • Durable and stylish

  • It does not leak


  • Flimsy spout

4. Bamboo Accents Zen Garden Water Fountain with Pump

Bamboo Accents Zen Garden Water Fountain with Pump, Indoor/Outdoor, Adjustable 7-Inch Half-Round...
  • CREATE THE SOOTHING SOUNDS YOU WANT: Fountain support arms easily adjust up for louder splashes on...
  • CALMING SOUNDS WITHIN MINUTES: Complete kit includes submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo fountain...
  • CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK: Our fountains donโ€™t come with a container, giving you the freedom to turn any...
  • ENJOY FOR YEARS TO COME: Each spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, which is...
  • COMES WITH ELECTRIC PUMP: USA-standard 110-Volt pump thatโ€™s strong and quiet for its size.

Bamboo Accents Zen Garden is what you need to achieve the perfect zen garden you have dreamed of. You can use buckets, planters, and bowls to allow you to have an easy-to-install water fountain in your home. It will absorb any excess noise and leave you with all the relaxing nature sounds you want.

Image Credit: Bamboo accents

This Bamboo Accents include a submersible pump, fountain and tubing that you can set up within minutes to create your peace on the edge of a container of about 6โ€ to 15โ€ diameter. Each spout has been handcrafted using the sleek yet supple Tam Vong bamboo, meaning it will resist cracking or splitting, making it better than other bamboo water fountains.


  • Crack and split resistant
  • Absorbs excess noise


  • The pump is not the best quality

5. Natureโ€™s Mark Cascading Bamboo Tabletop Water Fountain

Nature's Mark 8" H Cascading Bamboo Tabletop Water Fountain with Natural River Rocks and LED Lights...
  • Soothing flowing water sounds for relaxing and stress relieving
  • LED lights
  • Natural river rocks
  • New and improved 120V 60HZ water pump motor (31.9 - 36.9 gallons per hour)
  • Power cord attached: no batteries needed

Natureโ€™s Mark Cascading water fountain is one of the best choices if you are interested in creating a quality water sensation around you. Thanks to its portable and lightweight design, it is perfect for your indoor setting and the garden. This makes it perfect for shelves, tables and other raised places around your home.

Nature's Mark Water Fountain

Image Credit: Nature's Mark

Natureโ€™s Mark water fountain is made of durable plastic that guarantees it will give you plenty of services both in an indoor and outdoor location. In addition, it comes with an LED light that illuminates your water fountain at night, and when complemented with river rocks at the base, it makes the rush and splashes more audible.


  • LED lights
  • Includes natural river rocks
  • It comes with a power cord meaning you don't need batteries


  • The sound of water is quite low

Why is Bamboo Material an Excellent Choice for your Fountain?

There are several benefits of using a bamboo water fountains, including:

  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic, naturally resistant to mildew and mold, making it suitable for indoor environments
  • It needs little to no maintenance
  • Bamboo is lightweight and portable
  • Ecofriendly and sustainable making it safe and healthy
  • It is a renewable resource, organic and natural
  • Extremely durable and strong, making it suitable for an outdoor garden
  • Elegant and beautiful to watch the details

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bamboo Water Fountain

1. Style & Design

Decorative bamboo water fountains come in traditional, modern, minimalist, contemporary, and rustic styles. Before you purchase a soothing bamboo water fountain, consider the existing decor of your space.

If you intend on placing it outside, ensure it complements your pavers, landscaping and outdoor furniture. However, for indoor water fountains, choose an option that won't overwhelm your space and will match your decorative accents, color scheme and furniture.

2. Size

Size is necessary to consider when you shop for bamboo water fountains. There are two main types of bamboo water fountains: tabletop units and freestanding models. Tabletop models are placed directly on top of a table or a countertop, while the freestanding units are designed to stand on their own on a patio or a floor.

Both options offer a soothing ambiance for enjoying some quality time or entertaining guests, but also both will need enough room to accommodate the bamboo fountain. So, if you want a freestanding unit, ensure you have enough room between the walls, objects and the base of your unit. Also, remember that the freestanding units may take up a lot of space, so you should adjust your living arrangements accordingly.

3. Water Pressure

Another important factor to consider when shopping is the water pressure flowing through the unit. Some water fountains produce low-pressure streams while others are high-pressure jets, and each type has its role.

The low-pressure streams produce soothing aromas and sounds, while the high-pressure jets are suitable for creating dramatic effects in your garden. However, be keen since most manufacturers claim that their fountains produce high-pressure streams and most f these are only true if the exact figure is indicated.

Most manufacturers will exaggerate the pressure their units produce to achieve more sales, so always check the specifications before purchasing.

4. Durability

Bamboo material has been around since ancient times, and for a moment, it was considered sacred in China because it symbolized longevity. Its versatility makes it suitable for different uses, but there are different types of bamboo, thus offering different durability levels.

a). Traditional Chinese Style

These bamboo fountain designs are elegant yet simple and are made only using two bamboo pieces, one serving as the base and the second piece forming the spout. Both pieces are connected with a metal rod where the spout is attached to the base's top, creating a bowl shape.

Some models will have a small basin inside the bowl where you can place some plants or flowers, but other models will allow you to fill your whole bowl with water. These models don't have controls, but most of the modern versions of this type will include a control panel that will allow you to adjust the flowing rate of water.

b). Modern Design

This type of fountain is designed to fit into today's homes since they are contemporary and sleek. Most of these modern styles incorporate glass bowls a stainless steel tubing, and some will include LED lights that illuminate the bowl's interior. In addition, most modern designs will include controls, and some models will even include built-in speakers that play sound effects or music.

c). Japanese Style

These bamboo water fountains are popular among homeowners who fancy Asian decor or want the look of a Japanese garden.

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