Bamboo fabric has recently gained popularity as a great material for sportswear due to its moisture-wicking, elastic, and durable structure. Doing yoga is not an exception. Here, you will need all the elasticity and stretching properties of this material to twist and bend required during the routine. Comfort and freshness are the main feelings you will experience at your training sessions while choosing your yoga pants made of bamboo fabric.

This article aims to explain the most important characteristics of bamboo yoga pants and represent the best options and brands you can find on Amazon or your local stores to suit all your needs.

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Green Apple Bamboo Leggings for Women (Black, S)

- bamboo viscose + organic cotton + spandex;
- no side seams;
- a wide supportive waistband;
- a hidden waistband pocket



Boody Women's Full Length Leggings Size M - Organic Bamboo - Comfortable & Breathable EcoWear,Black

- bamboo viscose + nylon + spandex;
- no side seams;
- a wide waistband for a comfortable fit;
- the gusseted crotch



PUWEI Women's Pajama Bottoms Casual Loungewear Pants Yoga Joggers Elastic Waist...

- bamboo viscose + spandex;
- two side seam pockets to carry phone and change;
- an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring;
- an elastic ankle cuff.



Spun Bamboo Women's Bamboo Viscose/Organic Cotton Capri Leggings - Yoga Workout Comfort Fit Ultra...

- bamboo viscose + organic cotton + spandex;
- the seams are inside only;
- a wide waistband is not elastic;
- a little pocket on the front for keys, no pockets on the back.



WiWi Women's Bamboo Lounge Wide Leg Pants Stretchy Casual Bottoms Soft Pajama Pant Plus Size...

- bamboo viscose + spandex;
- an elastic waistband with drawstring;
- double sewing threads;
- excellent drapability and elasticity.



Deysen Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pockets Stretchy Soft Yoga Leggings Pants,Hips Up Tummy Control Cargo...

- bamboo viscose + spandex for graduated compression;
- a high waist;
- antibacterial and odor resistant;
- moisture-wicking and breathable.



Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pockets Stretchy Soft Yoga Leggings Pants, Womens Cargo Pants Yoga Pants Workout...

- bamboo viscose + spandex;
- pockets on the rare part and the legs;
- an elastic waistband;
- moisture-wicking and odor resistant.


Let us have a more thorough look at the best bamboo yoga pants and their brands that are popular in 2021.

Green Apple Bamboo Yoga Pants 

The first product to mention here is bamboo yoga pants from Green Apple. They are full-length leggings blending the classic style and everyday comfort. They go in different colors to choose from – black, brown, blue, and charcoal. They are very soft and durable.

Green Apple Bamboo Yoga Pants

Let us provide some additional information about the pants:

  • The pants are safe for machine washing and dryers if washed in cool water and tumble dry low.
  • They have natural UVA sun protection.
  • The product ensures elasticity and freedom of movement.
  • The leggings are great for yoga, barre, gym sessions, pilates, or everyday wearing.

Let us regard the main pros and cons of the product now.

Pros Cons
The fabric is thermo-regulatingThey are a little challenging to put on
Seams are absent on the sidesThe pants are not for hot or advanced yoga
The pants are anti-static
The wide elastic waistband works perfectly well
They are available in a variety of colors and sizes

Overall, these bamboo yoga pants for women made a good impression on me. They are super soft and comfortable. The variety of colors allows for using them for different types of occasions. You feel so green and relaxed in them.

If you think that this option is right for your needs, click here to order.

Boody Women's Bamboo Viscose Yoga Pants 

The next product to consider is women's bamboo viscose yoga pants from Boody. The pants are full-length with a smooth and good-fit silhouette. They go in black color and feature mid-rise with the below-belly button. The leggings are very soft and suitable for sensitive skin.

Boody Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants

Some additional information about the pants includes:

  • The pants are a bestseller due to their thermo-regulating properties and the right amount of stretch and firmness.
  • They feel like high-quality pajamas but perform as great active sportswear.
  • The product is antistatic, and the bamboo fiber is quite suitable for layering.
  • The leggings are great for everyday wear and yoga or pilates sessions.

The most widely mentioned pros and cons of the bamboo fiber yoga pants are.

Pros Cons
The fabric is wonderfulThe elastic band is not tight enough, often rolls down, and is not wide enough
The pants are thin, lightweight, and tightThe leggings remind tights very much so they seem transparent
The crotch is gusseted
Smooth fabric provides a pleasant silky feeling
The breathability is outstanding

Overall, I think these leggings are more suited to hot weather as they are breathable and not very thick. They are great for summer but, probably, aren't substantial enough to stand up to windy autumn or frosty winter.

If you believe that these pants are a great choice, click here to order.

PUWEI Bamboo Yoga Pants 

The bamboo boot-cut yoga pants from NEIWAI make up a great sportswear item to consider. These pants are quite versatile – they can be worn not for yoga sessions only but also for brunch, road trips, home, or anywhere you normally wear your pants. They go in different colors for your best choice – navy blue, sky blue, black, heather grey, light grey, and dark grey. They feel buttery soft, and silky and are quite breathable.

PUWEI Bamboo Yoga Pants

Let us consider some more information about this product:

  • The pants are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • They are moisture-wicking and absorb unpleasant smells.
  • The fabric is quite thin and lightweight, but very durable.
  • You can wear pants while traveling or meeting with your friends, at outdoor parties, and on long walks. You can also sleep in them if you like.

Let us also mention the widely-discussed pros and cons of this amazing clothing item:

Pros Cons
The pants are very soft and comfortableThe crotch of the pants is rather long
The fabric is thin and breathableThe elastic waistband could be wider
The cuff on the ankle is a perfect size
They are perfect for warm climates
The pants are available in a variety of nice colors

Overall, these are the softest and most comfortable lightweight pants! I would highly recommend these for anything including (but not limited to): casual wear, sleep, yoga, exercise, lounge, and other uses. They hold up in the wash too! It is one of the most commonly desired fabrics because of its soft and pleasant feel against the skin.

If you have chosen these pants for your needs, click here to order.

Spun Organic Bamboo Yoga Pants 

The Capri yoga leggings from Spun go in two colors – black and cream. They are ultra-soft, and breathable pants that do not collect any lint and can be machine washed easily in cool water. The permanent dye does not allow for any bleaching or fading.

Spun Organic Bamboo Yoga Pants

You can learn more information about the product here:

  • The pants are made of preshrunk so they keep their shape very well after washing and drying.
  • They are stretchy enough for different yoga routines and variations.
  • The fabric is lightweight and feels very soft even for sensitive skin.
  • You can also wear these Capri pants for outdoor walks and exercising, for traveling and sleeping, and good rest with your friends.

The pros and cons of these bamboo yoga pants should be considered while making a choice.

Pros Cons
The pants are very soft and comfyThe pants are a bit too expensive for Capris
They are lightweight and coolThe waistband should be a bit wider and more elastic
The quality is excellent
The leggings provide a very good fit
The pants are quite sturdy and durable

In general, these bamboo yoga pants are so comfortable and soft, indeed. The wide waistband is much more comfortable than a little band of elastic. The quality is excellent. I would repeat the purchase in the future. They are really super comfy and not seen through.

Think about this attractive option and click here to order.

WiWi Bamboo Yoga Pants 

These eco-friendly bamboo yoga pants from WiWi are full-length with wide legs and a snug fit. They go in different colors – navy blue, violet, black, army green, irony grey, heather grey, purplish-grey, and wine - that looks very stylish and elegant. They match well with clothing of different styles – T-shirts and sports underwear, sneakers and slippers, tank tops, and casual pullovers.  

WiWi Bamboo Yoga Pants

Find some more information about these bamboo hip hugger yoga pants that are quite useful:

  • The pants are made with a drawstring closure.
  • They are silky soft, and skin-friendly, suitable even for very sensitive skin.
  • The fabric is super breathable and stretchy.
  • You can also wear these leggings for lounging around at home, vacationing, a casual office style, working out, sleeping, and as beach pants.

Make your choice taking into account the following pros and cons:

Pros Cons
They are available in a great variety of colorsThe strings can come out completely after washing
The material is lightweight and very softThe pants could have some pockets in them
The pants are worth every penny paid for them
The length is great and comfortable even for taller people
The item does not shrink or distort after washing and drying

In short, these pants exceeded my expectations. They wash nicely, with no shrinkage, and they don't wrinkle, either. They are thin but not see-through. The great thing about this product is that they are so comfortable. The material is of high quality. I like how they hug my hips and then flow down to a looser fit towards the feet.

If you are ready to purchase these beautiful pants, click here to order.

Deysen Eco-Friendly Bamboo Yoga Pants 

These eco-friendly leggings from Deysen are sure to last you for many days and training sessions if properly cared for. They are full-length and ensure the compression for improvement of lymph and blood circulation while training. It helps flatten the tummy and burn fat on the buttocks. The color is black, and the high waist helps contour your body perfectly, providing a streamlined appearance.  

Deysen Eco-Friendly Bamboo Yoga Pants

Some additional facts about this product include:

  • The pants are quite breathable, and they do not cause any irritation to the skin.
  • Wearing them is very comfortable, and the pants lie flat and feel smooth.
  • The fabric is odor-resistant and washable in the machine.
  • You can use these leggings for different sports activities like yoga, working out, fitness, or pilates.

Consider the following pros and cons to make the best choice:

Pros Cons
The pants demonstrate excellent colorfastnessThe pants should be a bit thicker for doing yoga comfortably
The wide waistband is very convenientThe leggings may feel too tight for those with thicker legs
The leggings do not have any side seams
The product fits well true to the size
The pants are extremely soft

All in all, these bamboo yoga pants are a great quality product that is very durable and easy to take care of. They feel soft on the skin, wick moisture very well, and are perfectly breathable. They make a very good choice for active people who do a lot of training. As for me, they look very nice too. They are so flat, nice-fitting, and elegant that it seems to me that they can be worn for walks, jogging, active rest, and vacationing as well.

If you feel that this product suits your needs well, click here to order.

YYZYC Bamboo Yoga Pants 

These bamboo yoga pants with pockets from YYZYC are made of natural fiber that is quite durable and high-quality and will last for many years. The fabric ensures much comfort and a soft feel suitable for active exercising. The pants are full-length and skinny-fit. They look elegant and chic accentuating your waist, buttock, and legs. The color is black, and it looks great with a tiny tank, short jackets, and sporty T-shirts. 

YYZYC Bamboo Yoga Pants

Get to know some additional information and facts about the product:

  • The pants are streamlined, sleek, and ultra-thin.
  • The fabric wicks away all the moisture and sweat very quickly, preventing bad odors.
  • The leggings are elastic, and the sizes suit different people and picking out the right one is very convenient.
  • They are also best to wear for different kinds of sports and physical activities, fitness, pilates, and jogging.

Let us regard the following pros and cons for a better choice:

Pros Cons
The leggings are machine-washableThe waistband should be a bit wider
Stitch hemming is covered for added durabilityThe price could be a bit lower
The pants are very comfortable and form-fitting
The fabric is anti-static and thermo-regulating
The product is quite versatile in use

Overall, these bamboo yoga pants create a perfect feeling of comfort and a great fit. They are stretchy and great for any kind of exercise because of their breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and easy care. The antibacterial effect should also be taken into account. The fabric does not irritate skin and feels super-soft.

The product is great and corresponds to all your needs and expectations, so click here to order.

Types of Bamboo Yoga Pants 

You can find different styles of bamboo yoga pants and choose the one that completely suits you.

Full-length Yoga Pants

This is the most common pants design, and it is loved by many. You can find different models on the market nowadays, with zip pockets and without them, with a low or high waist, inside pockets or mesh sections, etc.

However, if you are tall, look carefully at the labels because you can often receive pants that will not reach your ankles. Though it may not be a big problem, it is always better to get what you want.

Capri Yoga Pants

Such pants' design reminds very much of that of the full-length pants though they are normally ¾ in length. It is up to you to decide whether to buy Capri or full-length pants. 

However, if you practice yoga in a very warm environment, Capri will be preferable. 


Shorts are still much better options for very warm conditions, and they are also great for hot yoga. Vinyasa sessions that are speedy also go smoother if you wear shorts. And some people may want to wear shorts over their pants.

Harem Pants

This type of pants features a loose design, and they may feel cooler. Though, they have some excess fabric that may cause inconveniences during particular asanas. You may not be as flexible as in tight pants, especially when you practice deep stretches. So, this type of leggings is better for lounges and traveling.

Flared Pants

This combination of classic yoga pants and specific harem ones can work very well. They are a bit looser than common full-length leggings. Some excess material around the ankles can cause certain inconveniences while stretching. However, that may depend very much on the type of yoga you are doing.

Skirt Leggings

Bamboo yoga leggings can be combined with skirts, and this variant is quite common for women nowadays. That will provide you with a bit better cover-up while stretching.

Maternity Pants

They are a good fit for pregnant women. The pants are equipped with an extra band that, when pulled up, protects your belly and makes you feel very comfortable.

Factors We Look At When Choosing Bamboo Yoga Pants 

While choosing your bamboo yoga pants, think about the following factors:

Comfort Is Essential

Pulling up pants between poses and exercises looks ridiculous. That's why the first thing to think about while choosing this item is comfort. You should be confident and not think about your clothes all the time while exercising. The comfort also depends on some things that will be discussed further on.

Fit Is Important to Be Checked

The design of your pants depends on the type of yoga exercises you are into. It can be either loose and flared or form-fitting. The main thing to consider is compression. It should be felt in the right spots. The best variant is mild compression. It will ensure stability to your muscles while you are doing poses. 

This compression can be compared to the fit of a tight glove that is the right size for your hand.

Think about a Preferable Length

The yoga pants can be of two versions – Capri and full-length. Both are quite suitable for yoga exercising, so it is up to you to decide. If you want your legs to be supported tightly, opt for a full-length version. You may not feel comfortable when doing hot yoga because the less fabric you wear here, the more comfortable you feel.

Capri pants end in the middle of the calf, so some people do not think it is too comfortable. If you are one of them, full-length may feel better in any case because bamboo material is quite breathable.

The Type of Yoga Matters

The three most popular yoga varieties practiced today are hot yoga, basic yoga, and Hatha yoga. Choose your pants according to the type you are doing.

Hot yoga is usually practiced in a very warm room to make you sweat. It is used to enhance the process of fat-burning. The people are asked to wear short pants here.

Basic yoga does not demand any special kind of pants – any length will do well.

Flared pants are recommended for gentle Hatha yoga – they will provide you with the possibility to move freely and stay cool.

Materials and Design

The type of material is quite important. Normally, bamboo yoga pants are made of blended materials. They consist of viscose, spandex, and even polyester. Viscose fabric should make about 60-70% of the material. It allows for convenient stretching. And the stitches should be durable because some routines can be rather complicated.

Durability and Other Performance Qualities

Yoga pants should last for many training sessions. You need to check how stretchy they are and how effectively they can wick sweat. If the fabric contains less than 40% viscose, such pants will not absorb moisture well.

The yoga routines may include many difficult movements such as squatting, bending, twisting, or stretching. The high-quality pants need to withstand all of them easily.

Pants made of cotton will lose their shape and pill quickly. So the combined bamboo and spandex material will perform best.

Washing and Taking Care of Pants

Check the labels of your chosen pants for their washing. You will have to wash your pants frequently. So, bamboo yoga pants that can be machine-washed on cold water make up a great choice. If the fabric is of high quality, you can dry your pants in low heat, but the best way is to dry them in the air. While washing bamboo pants, do not use any softener or bleach. The fabric is already soft and smooth on the skin.

Consider the Price

As with many other products, choose the one with a good balance between quality and price. Cheap pants are thin and non-durable. If you are seeking months of use, consider more expensive variants.

Why Bamboo Yoga Pants? 

Making clothes from bamboo is an ancient Asian tradition. The fabric is very durable and quite affordable. Bamboo viscose is an antibacterial and odor neutralizing material. It is the best option for hot yoga lovers because it does not allow for any moisture on the skin, and your body will not produce a bad smell while sweating. Yoga pants made of some synthetic fabric do not have such qualities and are rather uncomfortable to wear.

Yoga pants should be comfortable enough to wear and to be washed often. Pants made of cotton are sure to lose their shape in a while. You will not feel comfortable in awkward clothing. The bamboo material is very soft, and you do not need to use any conditioner while washing.

The blend of bamboo viscose and spandex makes yoga pants elastic and suitable for a good stretch. Your yoga classes will be awful if your pants are non-breathable, itchy, and badly-fitted.

Benefits of Bamboo Yoga Clothing 

The most important benefit of bamboo yoga clothing is that it makes you eco-friendly and green, completely in tune with the basic concepts of yoga philosophy.

Moreover, the benefits can be connected to the fabric's unique qualities if compared to cotton, polyester, flex, or other materials. The benefits that are worth mentioning here are the following ones:

- Wicking moisture efficiently helps keep your body dry while practicing.

- Breathability allows the pants not to feel sticky on your legs.

- Comfort and softness are the natural qualities that are quite enjoyable compared to synthetic materials or rough cotton yoga clothing.

- Resistance to odors allows for using such clothing intensively during every routine without the fear of any unpleasant smell, unlike cotton or synthetic clothing that keeps all the odors inside.

- Durability and strength support the idea that bamboo yoga pants are truly made-to-last so you can stretch and wash them numerous times.

If you opt for bamboo yoga pants, you will likely find many more benefits in using them.

How to Take Care of Bamboo Clothing

Buying eco-friendly bamboo yoga pants is one half of a job. Another thing is the right care of them to make your clothing long-lasting and worth its price.

Here are some tips on how to do it correctly and with the smallest losses.

  1. Before the first use, it is always recommended to wash your pants. Bamboo viscose becomes softer with every next washing.
  2. The recommended temperature for washing bamboo clothing is 30 degrees C. Though, if needed, you can wash your pants even at 60 degrees.
  3. Using chemical fabric softeners should not be practiced – it reduces the antibacterial and anti-fungal characteristics of the material.
  4. Never use tumble drying for bamboo fabric – just hang your pants on the line outside. However, if you need them quickly, you can use a dryer just once though install a cool setting for it.
  5. You can wash your pants with other clothing of a certain color in a washing machine. However, avoid washing your bamboo clothing with the items with zippers or other metal parts – the bamboo material can be damaged.

These are the main principles of taking care of your bamboo yoga pants. They are quite simple and easy to use.


Do bamboo yoga pants shrink? 

Shrinking of any clothes can be caused by high temperatures. That is why bamboo fiber yoga pants are recommended for being washed in cool water. And you need to be careful about the ironing – choose the moderate mode for it.

Should I buy loose or tight yoga pants?

Your yoga pants' type and design depend much on the type of yoga you are doing and on your personal preferences. If yoga routines require maximum flexibility, think about elastic pants with a good fit.

How long will my bamboo yoga pants last? 

Everything depends on the type of yoga routines and their intensity. Even if you use your pants every day, but for quite moderate routines, they can last up to six months. If the routines are more intense, the lifespan of your clothing can be shorter. The same refers to the manner of washing and to how often you usually wash your pants.

Will bamboo leggings wrinkle if machine washed? 

The good shape of your bamboo yoga pants will depend on the mode of washing. If you use a gentle washing cycle and cooler temperatures, the shape will be retained. Try to avoid dryers; just air-dry your pants. And, of course, the good shape of your leggings depends on the quality of the fabric: the cheaper your pants are, the larger possibility is that they shrink and lose their shape while washed.

Will bamboo fabric irritate my skin? 

Bamboo leggings for yoga are great even if your skin is very sensitive. The fabric feels very soft and gentle. Moreover, it can provide antibacterial properties. Even if you sweat much during your practice, the bamboo fabric's ability to wick the moisture will leave your skin dry and fresh.


Yoga pants manufactured from bamboo fiber make a great choice. The material has some valuable properties perfect for yoga routines, such as breathability, sustainability, moisture-wicking, smoothness, durability, elasticity, and a beautiful look. They are very easy and convenient for taking care of. For lovely ladies, we recommend these two variants as our top choice: Boody Women’s Bamboo Yoga Pants & Spun Organic Bamboo Yoga Pants

Though such pants may seem a bit too pricey at first sight, their great quality and usability will compensate for it. Your bamboo yoga pants' right fit and design depend on the type of yoga you are doing and your personal preferences. So, do not hesitate to consider different variants and pick out the best option for your personal needs.

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