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Best Bamboo Plates for Toddlers for Spill-Free Feeding

Whew! Feeding toddlers can be a challenge, especially when they are active and hate eating. Feeding time can become an extreme sport very fast where you'll have to entertain your toddler to distract them enough to eat. But, we have a solution for you.

These best bamboo plates for toddlers are not only safe but also offer an entertaining experience for your baby. Getting bamboo toddler plates is a welcome relief from the boring plates that your toddler is used to, thanks to the creative shapes they'll love.

You can choose from several brands, and we've taken the liberty to research for you. As a result, we've created a list of the best and safest bamboo toddler plates that will make eating an adventure and a smoother experience.

What Are Bamboo Plates?

Bamboo plates for toddlers are made of bamboo and often come in creative and fun designs. Bamboo plates are preferred because they are very durable and safe to use. In addition, they are oven safe, microwave safe, and refrigerator safe for your convenience.

The best part about using bamboo toddler plates is that they make feeding a smoother experience. They are also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Let's look at some of the best bamboo kids' plates in the market.

Are Bamboo Plates Safe for Kids?

What Are the Best Bamboo Plates for Kids?

1. bamboo bamboo Fox Cub Suction Plate for Babies

Bamboo Baby Plate with Suction - Kids and Toddler Suction Cup Plate for Babies, Non-Toxic...
  • βœ”οΈ HOW DO WE ENCOURAGE TRANSITION? It starts with recognition. Our baby-led...

  • βœ”οΈ WHAT'S IN THE BOX? An award-winning product designed with your child in...

  • βœ”οΈ WHY NO FREE BIB? Yes, we see replica sellers giving away free bibs and...

  • βœ”οΈ HOW SAFE? Our list of ingredients are natural bamboo and food-grade...

  • βœ”οΈ WHAT MAKES TODDLERS INTERESTED? The same thing as YOU! Shapes, colours,...

Kicking off our list are these bamboo bamboo best natural dishes that can handle hot food and make for interesting feeding. Your toddler will be thoroughly entertained with the creative shapes and ideas you can execute on these plates. bamboo and bamboo products are renowned for their style, functionality, and safety.

bamboo and bamboo plates for toddlers are created by parents for parents. This means that you can be sure that these plates will serve you well thanks to the fact that the people on the other side know exactly what you're going through because they have experience. bamboo and bamboo is an award-winning company thanks to the 100% plastic-free products they produce.

Say goodbye to spills from your toddler thanks to the suction feature that ensures that the snack bowls and plates stay glued to the table or high chair. This powerful suction base prevents any wobbling that could cause the plate to tumble to the floor.

These plates are made from all-natural bamboo, which makes them safe to use. They don't contain any harmful toxins, and the chic dinnerware blends beautifully with the kid-friendly atmosphere. The suction bottom is also removable, so you don't always have to have it on.


  • Made from toxin-free natural bamboo
  • Comes with a removable suction base for convenience
  • Long lifespan
  • Durable
  • Provides a cool touch, ensuring that your toddler's fingers are free from burns
  • Award-winning
  • Odor-free and stain-free
  • Great for a variety of meals
  • Reduces chances of messes and dropped plates


  • Requires effort to maintain

2. bamboo bamboo Bunny Suction Plate

Bamboo Baby Plate with Suction - Kids and Toddler Suction Cup Plate for Babies, Non-toxic...
  • βœ”οΈ HOW DO WE ENCOURAGE TRANSITION? It starts with recognition. Our baby-led...

  • βœ”οΈ WHAT'S IN THE BOX? An award-winning product designed with your child in...

  • βœ”οΈ WHY NO FREE BIB? Yes, we see replica sellers giving away free bibs and...

  • βœ”οΈ HOW SAFE? Our list of ingredients are natural bamboo and food-grade...

  • βœ”οΈ WHAT MAKES TODDLERS INTERESTED? The same thing as YOU! Shapes, colours,...

Another bamboo bamboo product, our second pick, is just as impressive as our first pick. The only notable difference is the different designs. Therefore, you can get our first and second picks to spice things up and make feeding time fun for your baby. In addition, these plates are PVC-free, thanks to the fact that they are made from all-natural bamboo.

Say goodbye to messy spills as you feed your baby, thanks to the suction base. Just like in our previous pick, you will hardly ever see plates flying from the kids' table after you get these plates. In addition to being free from any harmful chemicals, these bamboo plates for kids have an award-winning design.

Because this dinnerware is made by parents, they know exactly what other parents are going through and tailor their cool products to suit their needs. All adults should get one of these babies for their babies. You will spend less time cleaning your kid's messes after you purchase these cool plates.

Say goodbye to plastics and get ready to get great value for your money. Your child's wildest antics will no longer faze you because you'll know that this dinnerware will remain firmly glued to the table.


  • Award-winning design
  • Odor-free and stain-free
  • Perfect for a variety of meals
  • Reduces messy meal times
  • Makes mealtime fun
  • Has a cool touch to reduce burns
  • Great value for money


  • Requires effort to maintain

3. WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plates

WeeSprout Bamboo Plates (Blue, Green, Gray, & Beige, Without Lids)
  • YOU’LL LOVE THIS STACKABLE, WORRY-FREE bamboo plate set. They’re BPA free, NON-TOXIC, Phthalates...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our CHIP RESISTANT, SCRATCH proof, and durable bamboo plates for kids stand up to...
  • CONVENIENT, CHIC DINNERWARE blends beautifully into your kitchen dΓ©cor - no matter how minimalist...
  • CLEAN UP FAST – STAIN RESISTANT, GUNK REPELLING, DISHWASHER friendly self-feeding plates snuggle...

Here's a pick that doesn't have bunny ears. We recommend that you get one of these plates as they are all great and create variety for your child. Once your child gets tired of the bunny ears, you can switch to this dinnerware set. This stackable and worry-free bamboo set is free from all harmful chemicals.

Made of food-grade material, this dinnerware set will not alter the taste of your child's food in any way. In addition, these bamboo bowls are durable, chip-resistant, and scratch-proof. What more could you need? You can purchase one set of these best bamboo plates for toddlers and store them for future use, where you can take them out one by one when you need them.

Your whole family with thank you at the dinner table when the mess is reduced. Another great thing is that these dishwasher-safe plates clean up fast. In addition to being dishwasher safe, these plates are gunk-repelling. The chemical-free finish of these plates adds to your child's safety as they enjoy their meal at the kids' table.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Chic dinnerware blends beautifully with the rest of your kitchen dΓ©cor
  • Have a minimalistic design
  • Stain-resistant and gunk repelling
  • Safe for your baby
  • This set stacks neatly in your kitchen


  • Not microwave safe

4. Avanchy Bamboo Divider Plate

Avanchy Toddler Suction Plates for Babies & Toddlers, 100% Bamboo & Silicone, Plate Stay Put with...
  • Toddler Plate - Designed for children ages 4 to 72 months who can eat solid foods. Made to hold...
  • Non-Slip Bottom - Less mess and stress with a suction bottom that easily attaches to any flat...
  • Food Divider - 3 compartment sectioned bamboo plate helps balance meals and control portions by...
  • Soft Silicone Bamboo Spoon - Spoon is made of organic bamboo and BPA-free food grade silicone tip to...
  • Safe Materials - Avanchy uses high quality sustainable materials to help you safely feed your child....

These Avachy bamboo products have a divider that adds to the convenience of the feeding process. Unlike many melamine plates that don't have this divider, you can enjoy placing different pieces of food on each part. You can also use this convenient divider for portion control.

The three plate sections allow you to place veggies on the large section, proteins on the top-left part, and healthy carbs on the top-right portion. These place settings ensure that your child gets a balanced diet every time. In addition, once you've done things a few times, your toddler will hardly ever throw a fit because they don't want the yuck green stuff.

These environmentally safe bamboo kids' plates are also BPA-free. These plates are eco-friendly and your toddler will be protected from any harmful chemicals that can be found in other plastic and ceramic plates. This purchase also comes with a safe silicone-free spoon that matches the silicone suction.

The silicone suction base prevents your toddler from making a mess as they explore throwing their plate to the floor. You'll also enjoy the fact that these plates are great for on-the-road feeding. So let your toddler have a blast with these Phthalates-free plates.


  • Suction base for convenience
  • Comes with a safe silicone spoon
  • Great for older kids
  • Lacks harmful chemicals found in plastic options
  • Phthalates free
  • Portable for on-the-road feeding


  • Requires extra maintenance
  • The bottom ring for the suction cup can grow molds

5. Avanchy Bamboo Classic Baby Plate & Spoon

Avanchy Bamboo Classic Baby Plate & Spoon - 9 Months and Older - Bamboo Plate - Silicone Suction -...
  • CLASSIC SHAPE, CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: This baby plate features a classic shape and is made of natural...
  • BABY-LED WEANING: Our suction cup medium bamboo plate is a versatile wooden baby plate for infant...
  • SAFE SILICONE SPOON: The bamboo baby spoon features the color scheme of the silicone suction for a...
  • SAFELY SOURCED: Our bamboo plate is sourced from high-quality materials to help safely feed your...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our classic bamboo plate has removable silicone for simple washing and drying. Based...

Another Avanchy product, these bamboo plates for toddlers, comes in a classic design that makes them great for various types of food. This contemporary design means that you can quickly make meals and serve them to your kid in no time. The silicone ring allows you to prevent your child from throwing dinnerware to the floor.

The durability of these plates means that you can use them for several months before you even start considering throwing them out. Although you need to pay extra attention to maintain these sturdy plates, you can be sure that your family will thank you for helping reduce the mess that your toddler will cause during meal times.

You can also these plates for infant feeding, toddler self-feeding, and baby-led weaning (BLW). Once you purchase these bamboo plates for kids, you will also get the safe silicone spoon that comes with the purchase. In addition, because the bamboo used to make these plates is sourced from high-quality material, you can be sure that the plate is non-toxic.

These bamboo plates are also easy to clean.


  • Made from toxin-free classic bamboo
  • Comes with a removable suction base for convenience
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Classic shape for versatility
  • Comes with a safe silicone spoon to protect your kid's gums


  • Requires effort to maintain

What Are Advantages of Using Bamboo Kids' Plates?

1. Safe for Kids

The first advantage is that they are safe for your child. Since bamboo naturally has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, you don't have to worry about that on your end. Another reason they are safe for your kids is that you won't have to worry about any sharp edges harming your toddler as they move around and play with their food.

Bamboo bowls and plates also don't crack and leave sharp edges that may harm your child. Compared to plastic/melamine/PLA plates that have around three months because they release toxins after being scratched, bamboo plates have a longer lifespan and are safe to use.

Getting bamboo toddler plates is a safe option because you want to keep poisonous toxins from your child's life. Bamboo toddler plates and bowls are BPA-free and toxin-free.

2. Eco-Friendly Option

In addition to being safe, using durable bamboo plates for toddlers are also environmentally friendly. Bamboo dinnerware is biodegradable and can last for years. In addition to being naturally biodegradable and durable, creating bamboo dinnerware is also environmentally friendly.

Compared to creating plastic plates that are harmful to the environment, bamboo is a natural and renewable resource. During the creation of plastic plates, fossil fuels are used, and chemicals are produced. This is not the case with bamboo toddler plates.

3. Durable

Bamboo plates for toddlers are perfect because they are made of high-quality materials. Bamboo is a very high-quality natural material that is durable, strong, and has a long lifespan. Toddlers have so much energy that they use to explore the world and knock things down for fun. Therefore, you want bamboo toddler plates that will not crack or break when dropped.

Bamboo plates and bamboo bowls will likely remain strong and safe even after being thrown from the high chair. Another great thing about bamboo toddler plates is that they stand up to odors and stains very well.

4. Remain Glued to Table

Bamboo bowls and plates are also water-resistant and have a silicone suction element. This silicone suction element allows the bamboo toddler plates and bowls to remain firmly attached to the table or highchair.

Therefore, you won't worry about your toddler throwing a tantrum and throwing the bamboo dinnerware to the floor. This reduces the mess and keeps the food on the plate and the plate on the table. You get to protect the plate and the food.

5. Soft and Lightweight

Bamboo bowls and plates for toddlers are lightweight, which means that you won't have to worry about damaging your amazing floors when your toddler throws down the plates. Also, your toddler won't hurt your kids when they move the plate around.

Unlike glass plates and stainless steel plates, your floor will hardly notice when your baby drops their plate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Plates

1. Are bamboo plates better than plastic plates?


Bamboo plates are more durable, have a longer life span, are stain-resistant, and are safer to use. However, plastic bowls and plates release harsh chemicals that can harm your child. Plastic is also non-biodegradable, which makes it harmful to the environment.

Another disadvantage of plastic bowls and plates is that they are not dishwasher-safe. Although plastic bowls and plates are cheaper than bamboo ones, avoid getting them since the disadvantages are more.

Bamboo bowls and plates are environmentally friendly and are made from sustainable products. Lastly, bamboo toddler plates are also lightweight and are safe for your baby's health.

2. How long do bamboo plates last?

About two years. Unlike plastic bowls and plates that have a shorter lifespan, bamboo toddler plates last longer. The best part about bamboo bowls and plates is that you can throw them into the composite pile to become useful again.

Thanks to their biodegradable nature, you won't be harming the environment when you throw them out. You will know it is a good time to throw out your bamboo dinnerware when you see white spots developing on the surface after water sips through the bamboo fibers.

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