Underwear… It seems to be such a small part of our wardrobe, yet it’s probably the most important component of our everyday outfits. And trying to find something high-quality and comfortable can be such a headache, right?

But here’s the kicker:

Bamboo is conquering the underwear market thanks to being both a high-quality material and a comfortable-to-wear fabric.
So, let’s look at the best bamboo underwear options for men and women and see whether the bamboo fabric is really worth all the hype. Read our bamboo underwear review below.

“Because bamboo fabric is super breathable, it can regulate your body temperature. This means, you won’t sweat that much during summer and won’t feel too cold during winter.”

A Quick Preview


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Product Name




Bamboo fiber (rayon) + spandex


DAVID ARCHY Men's 4 Pack Underwear Ultra Soft Comfy Breathable Bamboo Rayon Trunks No Fly (M, Black)

Bamboo (rayon) + spandex


Texere Men's Boxer Shorts (Sancus, Charcoal, M) Luxury Sleepwear for Him

Bamboo viscose + cotton (jersey)


DAVID ARCHY Men's Underwear Bamboo Rayon Breathable Super Soft Comfort Lightweight Pouch Briefs No...

Bamboo (rayon) + spandex


Cariloha Men's Bamboo Boxer Briefs - Breathable Underwear for Men

Bamboo viscose + spandex


Boody Body EcoWear Women's Midi Brief, Classic Mid Rise Sporty Cooling Underwear for Women, Soft and...

Bamboo (rayon) + nylon + spandex


Warm Sun Women's Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multi Pack Plus Size Stretchy Soft Breathable High Middle...

Bamboo viscose + spandex


Hoerev Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear String Panty Pack of 3

Bamboo fiber + spandex


Boody Body EcoWear Women’s BoyLeg Briefs Seamless BoyShort Underwear made from Natural Organic...

Bamboo (rayon) + nylon + spandex

GAEA Bamboo Underwear

gaea bamboo undewear set

Let’s start with women’s bamboo underwear set from GAEA brand as it is truly one of the best bamboo products available on the market. This bamboo underwear set is made from organic bamboo fabric and is very soft, stretchy and breathable.

Let’s take a look at this product's main characteristics:

  • Made of bamboo rayon and spandex.
  • Has a nice simplistic design.
  • Contains anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.
  • Has 30-day return & exchange guarantee for bras.

Here are the main pros and cons to consider:


  • Made from organic bamboo
  • Very soft to the touch & highly durable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The colour remains the same after multiple washes


  • Bottoms cannot be returned or exchanged for hygiene reasons

Overall, this bamboo underwear set is suitable for sleep and everyday wear. Since it is highly breathable, this women's underwear set is perfect for sports enthusiasts. It is super soft, smooth, and very comfortable.

Bamboo Boxer Briefs by David Archy

Bamboo Boxer Briefs by David Archy

Let’s talk about men’s bamboo underwear because women are not the only ones who deserve to wear something soft and silky. These boxer briefs by David Archy really do feel super soft.

Let’s take a look at their characteristics:

  • Made of bamboo fiber and spandex.
  • Feature a contouring 3D pouch design.
  • The 1-inch waistband doesn’t roll.
  • All seams are hidden in the interlining and don’t irritate the skin.

Here are the main pros and cons to consider:


  • Made of the natural and breathable material
  • Soft, stretchy, and pleasant to the touch
  • Don’t ride up
  • No visible seams
  • Comfortable waistband, which doesn’t roll
  • Double-layered pouch, 3D and contouring


  • The sizing is a bit smaller than it’s supposed to be, might not fit everyone perfectly
  • The elastic in the waistline might twist inside the fabric and cause discomfort

Overall, these bamboo briefs are suitable for sleep and everyday wear. Plus, because bamboo is super breathable, this underwear is perfect for sports enthusiasts. I’m sure you will enjoy wearing these regardless of the activity!
If you want to read a more detailed review of these bamboo boxers click here.

Bamboo Boxer Shorts by TexereSilk

Bamboo boxer shorts by Texeresilk

These bamboo jersey boxers certainly deserve to be on the list of the best bamboo underwear. They are simple, comfortable, and lightweight.

Here are their main features:

  • Made of bamboo viscose and jersey.
  • Feature a single-button fly.
  • There are no tags for more comfort.
  • The waistband is slim fit and fabric covered.
  • Come in 5 different colors.

Let’s see the main pros and cons now:


  • Soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Breathable
  • No tags that might irritate the skin
  • The waistband is elastic and hidden in fabrics, doesn’t roll
  • Single-button fly


  • The sizing is a bit smaller than it’s supposed to be, might not fit everyone perfectly
  • The elastic in the waistline might twist inside the fabric and cause discomfort

In general, this men’s bamboo underwear is super comfortable, especially for sleep. The boxers are breathable, soft to the touch, and don’t irritate the skin with all those annoying tags, little pockets, or harsh seams. Just figure out the perfect size for you, and I’m sure you will enjoy them every day.

Want to try them out? Click here to order!

Bamboo Pouch Briefs by David Archy

David Archy Bamboo Underwear

This is what I call high-quality bamboo underwear. These pouch briefs contain only 5% of spandex (for extra stretchiness and a better fit), the rest is bamboo, which is natural, soft, and breathable.

Let’s look at the main features of these boxer briefs:

  • Made of a combination of bamboo rayon and spandex.
  • Feature ultra-soft fabric, more breathable and lightweight than cotton underwear.
  • The silk tag doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • The waistband is wide and elastic.

“The bamboo fabric is perfect for sport, as it allows the moisture to evaporate (unlike cotton, which locks the moisture in)”.

Here’s the list of the most important pros and cons:


  • Very soft
  • Stretchy and fitting
  • The fold flap fly allows easy access
  • Breathable, can make you feel cooler during the hot season


  • Colors might wear off a bit after several washes

So, here’s the deal: it was really hard for me to find a fault in these briefs. They are super soft, comfortable, and lightweight. I’m sure you will see them in other best bamboo underwear reviews, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

Feel like this option is perfect for you? Click here to order!

Comfortable Boxer Briefs by Carihola

Comfortable Boxer Briefs by Carihola

This is the type of bamboo underwear, which can make you feel happy about your decision to ditch your old cotton undergarments and switch to bamboo. These briefs are comfortable to wear and pleasant to the touch.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Made of bamboo viscose and spandex.
  • Feature a front fly and a contoured pouch.
  • The waistband is 1.5”, elastic, and supportive.
  • Fit the body tightly but comfortably.

Pay attention to the main pros and cons:


  • Lightweight and silky to the touch
  • Soft seams don’t irritate the skin
  • Breathable
  • Have a fold fly in the front and a contoured pouch
  • No tags on the waistband


  • Quite thin, might not last for a very long time, especially if worn actively

I can surely say that these boxer briefs can make you a real fan of bamboo undergarments. They are very comfortable, supportive, and soft.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to order!

Body EcoWear Classic Bikini by Boody

Body EcoWear Classic Bikini by Boody

Let’s move on to the women’s bamboo underwear, shall we? These classic bikinis by Boody (the name of the company is quite fitting, right?) certainly deserve to be among the best ones thanks to their comfortable fit and quality.

Take a look at their main characteristics:

  • They come in 3 different colors: black, white, and beige.
  • The materials used include bamboo rayon, nylon, and spandex.
  • There are no visible seams.
  • They have an anti-static effect.

Here are the most important pros and cons for your consideration:


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Classic style is perfect for everyday use
  • Seamless
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Lightweight


  • The sizes might run a bit too small
  • Not 100% seamless: there are stitches around the leg holes

Overall, these bikinis are definitely worth trying. They fit the body tightly and stay in place even after moving a lot or exercising. This model can become the most comfortable panties you’ve ever worn.

Want to give it a try? Order here!

“When picking bamboo fabrics, you take care of the planet. Bamboo is a very fast-growing plant, which requires no pesticides and almost no water to grow. This makes it an eco-friendly material.”

Bamboo High Middle Waist Panties by Warm Sun

Bamboo High Middle Waist Panties by Warm Sun

Here’s another women's bamboo panties, which can make you forget you’re actually wearing them. The middle-high waistline creates a perfect fit, and the variety of sizes ensures that every woman can find the bamboo bikini for herself.

Here are the main features:

  • Made of bamboo viscose fiber and spandex (only 5%).
  • Offer enough front and back coverage for a comfortable fit.
  • The waistband is elastic and covered with fabric.

Let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons:


  • Super soft
  • Offer enough coverage for a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Stay in place, don’t ride up, don’t slide down


  • The high-waist model isn’t the most popular choice for some women, might seem like “granny panties” to some users

This bamboo bikini option is great for various activities and different body types. Thanks to the middle-high waistline, this underwear offers a very comfortable fit.

Click here to order your own Warm Sun Bamboo Bikini!

Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear by Hoerev

Bamboo Fiber Women Underwear by Hoerev

This is another option of the high-waist bamboo panty that fits great and feels super soft and comfortable.

Pay attention to its main features:

  • Made of bamboo fiber and spandex for breathability and stretchiness.
  • The high-waist design makes it perfect for any body type.
  • Comfortable and suitable for everyday wear and sport.

“Bamboo underwear might make you feel more comfortable, as it has great anti-bacterial properties and can fight unpleasant odors.”

Let’s take a look at the main pros and cons:


  • The high-waist design offers enough coverage and a very comfortable fit
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Doesn’t leave panty lines on the body


  • The high-waist style might seem to be too “granny panty” to some women
  • Quite thin material, might not last for a very long time

Yes, high-waist underwear isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, this option by Hoerev is very comfortable to wear, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

Already made up your mind? Click here to order!

Body EcoWear BoyLeg Bamboo Briefs  by Boody

Body EcoWear BoyLeg Briefs by Boody

This bamboo underwear by Boody is perfect for all women that want a little bit more coverage than in regular bikinis. It is well-fitting, smooth, and extra comfortable.

Let’s see the main characteristics:

  • Made of bamboo rayon, nylon, and spandex.
  • Extra stretchy but not too tight.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Features a wide waistband for a better fit.
  • The seams are super soft.

Here are the main pros and cons to consider:


  • Silky soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Stays in place, doesn’t run up, doesn’t slide down
  • Temperature regulating, won’t make you sweat


  • The sizes might run too small
  • Comes only in 3 sizes, might not be suitable for curvier women

Here’s the deal:

These BoyLeg briefs might seem like they’re covering too much, but in reality, you’ll barely even notice them. They are super soft, smooth, and very comfortable.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to order!

Factors We Look At

When it comes to underwear, we take into consideration only the factors that matter the most. Cute details, design, and stylish extra features won’t be able to take over the proper fit and comfort. So, here are the things that matter the most when picking the best bamboo underwear:

  • the combination of materials used (how natural they are, how soft they feel, and how much breathability they allow);
  • the fit (how comfortable the underwear feels on the body);
  • the wear process (whether the underwear stays in place or rides up and moves around);
  • the style of the underwear (how much coverage it offers);
  • the sizing range (how precise it is);
  • the temperature regulating properties;
  • the price.

Bamboo Underwear Benefits

If you’re thinking about switching your regular cotton underwear to bamboo but aren’t sure whether you should actually do it, take a look at the bamboo’s properties. This will help you decide what kind of underwear you want to buy. Read more which bamboo underwear benefits to consider when looking for a pair?

  • bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal;
  • this fabric is hypoallergenic;
  • bamboo fibers are odorless and static-free;
  • this fabric is thermo-regulating and doesn’t wrinkle;
  • and finally, the bamboo fabric is durable.

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Underwear

If you want your bamboo underwear to serve you for as long as possible, you need to care for it properly. There are a couple of rules, which will help you preserve the condition of your favourite undergarments longer:

  • wash using a gentle cycle and try to go with an eco-friendly detergent as it is less likely to destroy the soft fabrics;
  • forget about bleaching (if there are heavy stains involved, try pre-soaking, but avoid using bleach at all times. It will ruin the bamboo fabric);
  • air drying is the mildest option, but if you’re in a hurry, you can use the dryer machine (just pick the delicate mode);
  • always iron on the lowest heat;
  • washing with cold water is preferable, as it won’t let your underwear shrink.

Bamboo Underwear Buying Tips

So, you’ve already figured out that you want to try out the bamboo underwear. Now, how do you choose among all those styles and shapes? How do you find the most comfortable underpants? Which model is the most fitting?

The thing is, your choice will depend not only on your preferences but also on your body type. So, take a look at the most popular underwear styles and see for yourself which one is the best option for you.

Let’s start with gentlemen. While the number of various undergarment styles and shapes is quite overwhelming (I mean, there are some really weird designs out there), the classic ones are always the most popular.

  • Boxers, being one of the oldest underwear designs, vary in styles and colors these days. If you want maximum breathability, freedom, and something less revealing, they will be perfect for you. However, keep in mind that boxers don’t offer that much support. So, while being incredibly comfortable as sleepwear, they might not be good enough for sport or if you’re a rather active person.
  • Briefs are a perfect option for men who want more support, freedom of movement, and don’t mind showing their thighs. This design, however, makes the briefs ride up sometimes, especially during the long workday. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but you should consider this factor anyway.
  • Boxer briefs are a combination of two classic designs. They feature the traditional boxer shape but are more fitted thanks to the stretchy jersey material (which is the most common fabric for this underwear design). They are perfect for people who appreciate the support the briefs offer but want something less revealing.
  • Trunks, which is one of the new styles, are similar to boxer briefs but quite shorter. They are supportive, not too revealing, and offer just enough coverage. A perfect “middle” option is suitable for almost anyone.

Now, let’s talk girly stuff. You ladies must already know which design is the best for you, but let’s look at them again.

  • Classic bikinis are the most popular option, and there are many reasons for that. They offer moderate coverage, fit all body types, and feel comfortable with various activities, from sleeping to exercising. The only downside is probably their durability. Even bamboo ones, no matter how good they are, might get baggy with time due to the softness and delicacy of the fabric.
  • High-waist briefs used to be considered retro but start to prevail on the marker more and more these days. They are comfortable, fitting, and can conceal your tummy. It’s a great option for tight dresses and special occasions.
  • Low-rise briefs are a more revealing model, which offers just enough coverage to make you feel comfortable and secure. They are great for various activities and clothes types. However, this kind of underwear tends to create that “wedge” effect sometimes.
  • Things have a quite controversial design. Some women think it’s sexy, others find this type of underwear extremely uncomfortable. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a bamboo thong, keep in mind that it will be extra revealing. However, they are invisible under clothes, which is perfect for tight skirts or leggings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bamboo Underwear?

Like almost any bamboo clothing - bamboo pants are just a regular underwear type that is made from a bamboo plant that has been shredded and crushed in order to produce a bamboo fabric.

What fabrics are used to produce Bamboo pants?

Usually, Bamboo fiber underwear is produced of one of these sorts of bamboo fabrics: bamboo rayon, bamboo viscose & sometimes bamboo blended with cotton. Some bamboo briefs & boxers could include spandex for better stretchiness.

Is Bamboo underwear better than cotton?

From our experience, we could conclude that bamboo underwear is more convenient and durable. It doesn't wear off after a couple of washes. It's also proven that bamboo materials are more absorbent than cotton ones that will make you comfortable during an excessive workout or a very hot sunny day. Its moisture-wicking abilities will keep your skin fresh & healthy.

Is Bamboo Underwear Breathable?

After product trials, we noticed that bamboo underwear retained dry skin better than cotton. Unlike other fabrics like cotton, modal, micro modal - bamboo underwear airflow helps to wick away body moisture. Don't ever worry about body odors.

Should I switch to Bamboo Underwear?

Absolutely! However, we do realize there are plenty of other choices - we recommend wearing underwear from a trusted bamboo brand.

Where can I buy Bamboo underwear?

You can either scroll through the list of our men & women selection of bamboo underwear & panties or you can go directly to Amazon to continue your search. If you want to buy directly from a producer - check these sites: Cariloha, Boody Wear, TexereSilk etc.

Is Bamboo Underwear cheaper than Cotton Underwear?

The honest answer is - not necessarily. If you're looking to buy from a trusted bamboo brand it might cost a bit more than a cotton one. However, the prices are not "scary" and you won't need to spend a crazy amount of money on it if you like comfort, silkiness, durability and want to help the environment.


Underwear is the most important part of our wardrobe, so I want to suggest some bamboo options, which you are most certainly going to enjoy.

For gentlemen, I would recommend the Bamboo Boxer Briefs by Cariloha. Those are the softest ones and seem to have the best fit. They stretch enough but don’t feel too loose on the body. It gets better: these undergarments stay where they’re supposed to be even during exercising. They look great and they feel great too. What else is there to say?

And for lovely ladies, the best bamboo panties, in my opinion, is the Body EcoWear Classic Bikinis by Boody. They are super soft, super silky, extremely comfortable, and offer just enough coverage for you to look great and feel confident.

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