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πŸƒ Cariloha Bamboo Comforter Review – 2023 Buying Guide

Comforters play an essential part in our lives when it comes to sleep. If you want to improve your night rest, you need a good-quality bamboo comforter. Your night's sleep will be sound, long, and cozy with it. 

You have to consider different aspects such as filling, hypoallergic materials, the number of layers, weight, etc.

Let us introduce a Cariloha bamboo comforter to you. This comforter has a chance to become the most accommodating comforter you could ever dream of.

Cariloha Comforter – Key Features

It is not a secret that Cariloha produces one of the best bamboo bedding in the world. Their bamboo comforter is made entirely from bamboo viscose. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and thanks to the efforts of the Cariloha team of developers, it turns into the most suitable material for bedding.

The new technology used for manufacturing this fabric implies processing bamboo fibers into thin strands. While woven, it results in obtaining a very soft and smooth material, providing a pleasant texture for the comforter's interior and exterior parts. This breathable fabric is completely resistant to odors, mildew, and mold.

The fabric drapes easily and has an original good-looking sheen, so the comforter always has a great appearance. It can even be used without a duvet cover, providing a feeling of comfort and luxury.

The bamboo material is a renewable resource, so you receive a great eco-friendly product made from natural fabric.

The item is suitable for any season and weather, being very comfortable and lightweight. The viscose fiber allows for fluffy and cozy filling and always stays put, providing additional comfort.

The duvet comes in queen & king sizes and should be dry-cleaned only.

pros and cons of cariloha bamboo comforter

As with any other product, a Cariloha bamboo duvet comforter has its pluses and minuses to be considered. Let’s have a thorough look at these aspects.

The Pros

Cariloha bamboo comforters are twice as soft as those made of cotton.

The great quality of the product can improve your sleep. The material is very soft and pleasant to touch. It feels perfect, and your body won’t be disturbed with any rough seams or hard inserts. The smooth and elegant feel adds much to the comfort of your night sleep. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, it seems very important.

They have thermal regulating characteristics.

The lightweight and thermal regulating characteristics add much comfort for hot sleepers. The duvet completely prevents sweating in hotter temperatures and freezing when it is cold. So, it can be used in different types of climate and weather conditions. The comforter is very breathable due to its natural fibers.

The items are made of sustainable and renewable resources.

Bamboo viscose is considered to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly material on the market. The fabric is very gentle for the skin, and it is suitable for people with skin problems. The resource for these comforters is fully renewable, so it is good news for those who strive to live greener.

The duvets are hypoallergenic.

Completely natural material provides a good option for allergic people. It is fully hypoallergenic, so it can be used by those who cannot utilize other materials. Moreover, it is dust and mold resistant that adds much to its hypoallergenic qualities.

The weight of the duvet is very comforting.

It is very nice that the comforter is not too heavy and not too light. It is very cozy and feels fluffy and light as a cloud. It always stays put and feels great.

The Cons

The Cariloha comforter can be dry-cleaned only.

The most uncomfortable thing about this duvet comforter is that you cannot wash it. It may shrink immediately, so dry cleaning is the only option, but it is not always available.

Bamboo comforters are more expensive than comforters made from other materials.

Despite all its great features, the comforter is rather expensive. This comforter is made from 100% bamboo viscose which is a rather expensive fabric.

Our experience with cariloha comforter

We decided to test some of the most popular product features of the Cariloha bamboo comforter based on other customers’ reviews. The most often mentioned features of this product are the ability to provide comfort and thermal regulation and breathability and lightweight. The trial was conducted for a few weeks and its objective was to see whether the quality of the product changed over time.

cariloha bamboo comforter

After a few weeks of testing, it became obvious that the Carihola duvet comforter still looked great and continued to provide fascinating comfort throughout the night. It is also important to mention the immense convenience in use, breathability due to the bamboo viscose, and the hypoallergenic qualities.

Where to Buy a Cariloha Comforter?

Our strong recommendation is to approach the purchase of this duvet responsibly, considering all the product characteristics. Buy the comforter from the authorized stores only. You can order it right from the official website of Cariloha or buy it on Amazon.

Cariloha Comforter FAQ’s

Does the comforter need a duvet cover?

You can use the Cariloha comforter with a cover or without it. It will provide an additional layer and can be uncomfortable for some people. However, the original color of this comforter is white, so if you do not want it to become dirty soon, consider buying a cover.

Is a comforter made of bamboo good enough?

Yes, it is one of the best options on the market due to its durability, eco-friendliness, and immense comfort. The item is quite sustainable and healthy because of its hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and chemical-free characteristics.

How to take care of a Cariloha bamboo comforter?

Read all the labels on the product carefully. Using a washing machine is not recommended because the duvet can shrink easily. The best way to clean it is dry-cleaning.

Is the filling of my comforter completely natural?

Yes! The comforter ensures great insulating properties, breathability, fluffiness, and warmth. It is made of bamboo fibers and is completely eco-friendly and healthy.

Why is bamboo comforter so expensive?

Bedding items made of bamboo have recently become more popular. Even if you compare bamboo to some other materials, such as silk or cotton, it has more advantages. It has unique antibacterial properties, is extremely durable, and much softer. Besides, it does not fade and does not undergo any chemical procedures during the production process. That is why the price is a bit higher.


The obvious conclusion from this Cariloha comforter review is that such a duvet is the best option on the market since it meets the needs of different people: people who have allergies, hot sleepers or those who live in hot or cold climates. That is why this product is unique and we strongly recommend it.

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