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πŸƒ Cariloha Bamboo Weighted Blanket Review – 2023 Buying Guide

A good weighted blanket is an absolute essential for every bedroom. Bamboo weighted blankets are meant for people who experience stress and anxiety. These factors prevent full relaxation and affect the quality of rest, while a good weighted blanket can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper throughout the night. It can also be good for your mental and physical recovery.

Let us introduce the Cariloha weighted blanket, a perfect item for your cozy and comfortable sleep.

Cariloha Bamboo Weighted Blanket – Key Features

This perfect brand-new Cariloha blanket is made of bamboo, cotton, and polyester. The outer cover features 56% bamboo viscose, 24% cotton, and 20% polyester, allowing you to clean it in a washing machine.

The inner blanket is manufactured completely from bamboo viscose. The shell is filled with non-toxic glass beads that are evenly distributed across the tiny squares. It helps avoid saggy corners or limp edges hanging off the bed.

This evenly distributed weight creates deep pressure stimulation giving a feeling that you are being massaged or hugged. It can also be compared with the feeling of a big and fluffy cat is sitting in your lap.

This stimulation helps decrease the excess activity of the sympathetic nervous system responsible for vigilance and alertness. Simultaneously, the stimulation improves the parasympathetic nervous system's activity, which accounts for a lower heart rate and blood pressure providing calmness and a feeling of relaxation.

The color of the blanket is onyx which adds much to comfort and the feeling of coziness.

Pros and Cons of the Cariloha Weighted Blanket

As with any other product, the Cariloha bamboo blanket has its pluses and minuses. Let us have a more considerate look at all these aspects.

The Pros

The quality of all the materials is great.

Bamboo viscose is an amazing state-of-the-art material that provides a great look, maximum comfort, a soft and smooth touch, is completely breathable, and very durable. The blanket does not change its qualities after months of use.

All the materials are healthy and eco-friendly.

Bamboo viscose is an amazing eco-friendly material that is produced sustainably from bamboo grass. It is grown without fertilizers and pesticides, so the fabric made from it has anti-allergenic properties. Such fabric is gentle and soft for sensitive skin. The same can be said about cotton and polyester used in the production of this blanket.

The item provides a feeling of great comfort and full relaxation.

The Cariloha weighted blanket is perfect when it comes to comfortable sleeping. Your body feels snug and protected, not disturbed by any roughness of the surface that always provides a smooth and pleasant touch. The blanket's weight is just perfect for relaxation, and it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It is evenly distributed across the blanket, so it increases the level of calmness and comfort.

The outer cover is machine-washable.

The cover is made from washable materials such as bamboo, viscose, cotton, and polyester. They protect it from shrinking while it is being machine-washed. Use cool water to wash it and line-dry for the best effect, as indicated on the label.

The blanket is budget-friendly.

Everyone is almost sure that good-quality products need to be very expensive. However, it is not the case with the Cariloha bamboo blanket. This is a pleasant budget-friendly exception that provides excellent feelings and a luxurious look for an affordable price. It is truly worth the money.

The Cons

There is only one size option available.

The Cariloha weighted blanket comes only in queen size. It is not always comfortable for one person in bed. And the size is too large for babies.

The blanket could have been cooler.

There are some complaints from hot sleepers and people who live in warmer climatic conditions that the blanket is sometimes too hot. Despite its breathable structure and materials, it is probably the weight of the blanket that accounts for such an inconvenience.

Our Experience with the Blanket

Cariloha always strives to keep its manufacturing standards high. We had an opportunity to test their weighted blanket and include the results of the product testing in this review. We really wanted to test the comfort and amazing feeling of coziness and protection that are advertised for this blanket. We thoroughly tested these aspects for a week. The difference in quality after the use was also a focus of this trial.

Cariloha bamboo weighted blanket

It was also important to watch the decrease in stress and feeling of anxiety and night sleep improvements. The product turned out to be very helpful in this aspect. Most of our test participants reported stress reduction and pointed out the decrease in anxiety. The majority found that using the blanket was very comfortable and provided them with great comfort and relaxation.

After a week of testing, it was obvious that the product's perfect qualities remained the same, and its use did not affect the functions and appearance.

Where to Buy the Cariloha Weighted Blanket

The manufacturer is responsible for the high quality of its products. It strongly recommends buying a blanket carefully and making a choice attentively. That is why purchasing the Cariloha bamboo blanket from the official site of Cariloha or Amazon is the best option.

Cariloha Weighted Blanket FAQ’s

What is a weighted blanket?

Initially, weighted blankets were designed for therapeutic uses. They are bedding items that are usually heavier than common duvets. They get an extra weight from the fill that consists of glass beads (as in this product) or small plastic pellets. These tiny elements are evenly distributed across the small squares and help keep the shape of the item.

Can a weighted blanket help me with my insomnia?

Sure. Such a blanket is an efficient calming strategy helping with sleepless nights, stress, and excess excitement.

Is a weighted blanket hot?

It can be rather warm for hot sleepers, but if you tend to wake up in a sweat, it has a cooling effect that helps cope with it. Just get a blanket with an outer cover made from a breathable material, such as bamboo, in our case.

How can I choose a good weighted blanket?

The blanket should feel quite cozy. This is the most important criterion. Its weight needs to be about 8-12% of the weight of your body. If your weight is low, opt for a blanket with a smaller weight to feel comfortable.

How can I clean my weighted blanket?

Consult the label on the product. As it is said in this bamboo weighted blanket review, the outer cover is fully washable. Use your washing machine with cool water and line-drying to let its appearance remain the same as when you first used it.


It can be rather challenging to find the appropriate blanket that meets all your needs because there are many items on the market. You can buy this Carihola bamboo blanket to improve your comfort, sound sleep, and protection.

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    You mentioned it to be hot.

    Those are the three top complaints I’ve come across during my research.

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